My Dog ​​Urinates In The Wrong Place: What To Do?

Dog ​​Urinates In The Wrong Place

But what are the reasons why the dog urinates in the wrong place and what is the best way to stop it? The solution may be much simpler than you think: there are several very useful techniques to prevent the dog from urinating in the wrong place. Whether it’s increasing the number of walks or doing a thorough cleaning where the dog has peed: it can all help control dog pee in inappropriate places.

Dog urinating in the wrong place: why does it happen?

There’s no denying that it’s pretty unpleasant to come home and find dog urine in the wrong place. But before fighting with the animal, it is necessary to understand what caused this, because there is not just one, but several reasons for the behavior of a dog peeing on everything. To know what is the case of your friend, it is necessary to evaluate the situation very well as a whole. The main reasons why the dog urinates out of place are:

  • Territory Marking: Many dogs feel the need to mark their territory with urine to reaffirm who “owns” the place. This behavior descends from their ancestors, the wolves, and is very common in unneutered dogs with a dominant posture.
  • Insufficient training: the dog must be taught to relieve himself in the right place from an early age, because he does not learn it on his own. Ideally, training should take place when they are puppies to facilitate learning. The technique of positive reinforcement with rewards helps a lot.
  • Excitement: In some cases, dogs are so happy and excited that they end up urinating a little at these times. It’s nothing to worry about, but it’s worth investing in some relaxation techniques so the pooch learns bladder control in happy times.
  • To get attention: When your pet suffers from separation anxiety or thinks he’s not getting the attention he deserves, he may end up turning into a dog that pees on everything. It’s his way of showing his displeasure and getting some attention from the family.
  • Health problems: Another possibility for the dog to pee in the wrong place is that it stems from a health problem. Urinary incontinence is common in older dogs, so a trip to the vet is the best solution. In addition, other diseases can also cause the dog to urinate for them, so it is good to observe the presence of other symptoms.

Cleaning the environment is essential to prevent the dog from peeing for him

If the idea is how to prevent the dog from urinating in the wrong place, one of the most valuable tips is to clean the environment well. When he pees in a certain place, the dog marks that territory with the scent of his urine, and without proper hygiene of the space, the chances of the dog urinating there again are high. Some cleaning products containing ammonia, chlorine, or bleach are not highly recommended as they only camouflage the smell of dog pee, but the animal is still able to detect this smell and understands that it is an appropriate place to relieve oneself. Therefore, avoid any item containing these substances when cleaning.

On the other hand, there are materials that can cause dermatitis and allergies in dogs, so it is good to be very careful. The advice is to always try to research pet-friendly products or make your own dog sanitizer. There are several recipes on the internet that can help in this mission and essentially act as a homemade repellent to stop the dog from urinating in the wrong place. The secret is in the ingredients, which usually contain smells the dog doesn’t like, such as vinegar, alcohol, and citrus.

6 ways to teach your dog to pee in the right place

  1. Determine where the dog toilet is. Having a well-delimited space is the first step to ensuring that the pooch does his physiological needs there. So whenever it’s time to pee, just point to the right spot.
  2. Positive association is a great ally. Each time the dog pees in the right place, reward it with treats, affection and praise. Positive reinforcement works great to get the puppy to repeat the good behavior over and over again.
  3. Catch the dog urinating instead of in the act. In order for the animal to understand that it is doing something wrong, it is important to correct it in the act. It is therefore good that the tutor is present at these times and teaches the dog “no”.
  4. Observe the dog’s behavior and distract him when it’s time to pee. Whenever the dog is about to urinate, it is possible to detect certain signs such as: the dog smells the environment a lot or walks around in the same place before urinating. If this happens, just distract him with noises – like clapping – and try directing him to his bathroom.
  5. Take more walks during the day. To prevent a dog from urinating in the wrong place, it is best to walk it at the same time every day. Thus, the animal gets used to doing its business in the street, and stops urinating in the wrong place. But be careful: even in these cases, it is recommended to bathe the dog inside the house to avoid unforeseen events.
  6. Restrict the dog’s space before leaving the house. This is a way to prevent a dog from urinating in the wrong place, because it will not have access to other rooms and will learn to pee in a specific corner. Do not forget to leave a clean toilet mat at his disposal.


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