This Dog Uses The Toilet In A Fun Way When He Can’t Get Out (Video)

dog uses toilet fun way

Tokyo is a very special dog who, instead of waiting for the walk to pee, goes to the bathroom like us!

We all know our four-legged friends pee on walks, but Tokyo is showing you something amazing. The dog in this video, in fact, pees in the toilet like us bipeds and in such a funny way that you won’t be able to stop laughing. Let bet?

Tokyo is a very special adorable dog, one of those dogs that just looking at them makes you want to cuddle them. She is good with everyone, intelligent and loves games and small children, with whom she really has a lot of fun. But the “specialties” of Tokyo are not limited to these.

The beautiful and very gentle honey-colored Golden Retriever has indeed learned through the teachings of its owner to do something strange and brilliant. Instead of waiting for the walk like all his four-legged friends, Tokyo’s dog goes to the toilet every time he pees and does it in the toilet!

dog uses toilet fun way

The video, however, reveals something absolutely hilarious. Because Tokyo is unable to sit on the toilet like we usually do, that’s why he strikes such a weird pose it makes you laugh: raises his hind legs and places them on the table, taking advantage of those of front that he leaves on the ground, He thus finds the perfect position of balance and can carry out his “chores” comfortably!

We’ve seen some weird dogs engaging in absurd activities, but we have to admit, Tokyo beats them all! Seeing a dog using the toilet for his own needs is not a common thing and hats off to his human master, who knew how to teach him such a special thing.

All Instagram comments are literally shocked by what is shown in the video: how can a dog learn something like this? How could this human teach the Golden Retriever dog to pee in the bathroom like us?

The four-legged world never ceases to amaze us, doesn’t it? And who knows if Tokyo will give us more amazing and fun videos like this!


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