Heartbroken Dog Waited Three Years Outside His Owner’s House Who Never Returned

dog wait home sick owner

If you own a dog, you surely know that the love and loyalty of these animals is too pure for this world. In the port city of Busan, South Korea, this dog patiently waited three years for the return of its human mother who had Alzheimer’s, but never returned.

The dog was a stray, but he was adopted by an old lady a few years ago, she named the dog “Fu Shi” and they lived happily together for a long time, until the old lady suffered from brain hemorrhage that leads to dementia.

This dog waited 3 years outside his human’s house who never came back

Fu Shi was heartbroken after his human mother never came home, he couldn’t understand it and waited loyally for three years not knowing that she had been taken to a nursing home for people with dementia. dementia.

The woman was taken to a nursing home where she is receiving constant specialist care.

Neighbors reported seeing the animal in an alley around the corner from its owner’s house every day, according to OC. He would sit there all day, until nightfall, and then he would retreat to the now abandoned house they had shared.

Touched by the animal’s loyalty, one of the neighbors contacted an animal shelter, and they told them his moving story. Apparently, Fu Shi survived on the food the neighbors gave him every day since his owner left, but they couldn’t do anything about his sadness.

After a veterinary examination, the animal was determined to be around 8 years old, it was also found to be suffering from intestinal worms, so it received treatment and has now made a full recovery.

But the story of the faithful dog had a happy ending, after a lot of media coverage on Fu Shi’s story, he was adopted by another family and now he is happy, they named him ‘Sky’.

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