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The dog waited 900 days at the shelter. He found a home, but happiness lasted one day

Sora is a dog who arrived at the shelter several weeks ago. Shelter staff calculated that he had spent more than 900 days in the box. When it seemed like fate had finally smiled on him and there was a family ready to give him a home, something happened that no one expected. The dog’s happiness only lasted 24 hours.

Puppy spent over 900 days in shelter

Sora is a medium sized dog. He looks like a Labrador-Pitbull mix. She arrived at the shelter in 2021. Her guardian at the time decided there was too little time to train her and develop the skills needed to run the family. Even though there was another dog in her house, she was the only one who ended up in a shelter.

Puppy loves tennis balls and would love to chase them all day long. Since, as befits a 3-year-old child, she is very energetic, the guardian should be aware that it will be inevitable to devote time to training her.

After several weeks, the dog’s life would finally change 180 degrees. There were people ready to give him a home. However, the happiness of the animal and the close-knit shelter staff did not last long.

The dog’s happiness lasted 24 hours

The shelter employees already knew Sora, so the person interested in adopting him had to meet a number of requirements for their relationship to move forward. Among other things, the new guardian had to be aware that the dog still needs a lot of time for exercise, that he gets along well with children over 5 years old and that it is preferable that he is the only pet in the house.

When a person was ready to adopt the dog, the staff at the Valley Animal Center in Fresno, California, presented them with all the requirements, which didn’t discourage them at first. Sora has moved into his dream house. Little did she know then that she would return to the shelter after just 24 hours.

Will anyone like Sora?

Only a day had passed when Sora reappeared at the shelter. It turned out that the man who offered him the house had changed his mind. As a result, the charming dog had to return to the reality she had known for almost three years.

The news of his fate greatly moved Internet users. Many of them express their sadness in the comments and are surprised that such a charming dog has not yet found his place on earth. The staff who know the dog deeply believe that destiny will finally smile on him. Fingers crossed for her too!

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