This Dog Who Had Been Waiting For A Home For 500 Days Jumps With Excitement When He Meets His New Owner

dog waiting home 500 days jumps excitement meets new owner

When a dog spends a lot of time in a shelter, it is very likely that those responsible will end up deciding to end his life. Although not everyone involved agrees with this decision.

Alexander is the name of the dog that was rescued along with 50 other animals in a procedure conducted by these professionals. Although they were all removed from the bad environments they lived in and brought to their safe haven to care for them, keeping them is not an easy task.

Among all those who were saved, Alexandre stood out for his great gentleness and his constant search for love. However, no one who visited the shelter seemed to see this, so time began to pass and the poor canine was forgotten for a long time.

“Seeing the wonderful Alexander sit and wait all this time through no fault of his own has been really (difficult) for all of us here at Wags,” said Wags and Walks Head of Development Chloe Esperiquette.

15 months later, Alexander’s fortunes changed, as a young couple saw him and immediately fell in love with him, so they decided to open the doors of their home to welcome him. There is always hope among the gray clouds.

“We are thrilled to share that thanks to this community and their support, after 477 days of patiently waiting for a home, our adorable boy has gone on a trial adoption with an amazing family! Alexander is on his way to a blissful forever”, they commented from the foundation.

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