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The dog has been waiting at the shelter for 660 days until he received the news. The child put his whole heart into the letter

Snoopy is a charming senior dog who has spent over 660 days at the shelter. Although the dog had an exceptionally friendly temperament, for a long time no one would give him a permanent home. His story deeply moved an 11-year-old girl who decided to send him a letter. This story is perfect proof that small gestures have big power.

In his old age, Snoopy lived in a shelter. Adorable elderly dog hasn’t found a new home

Snoopy is a happy-go-lucky senior dog, but unfortunately the animal hasn’t had much luck in his life. Being old, he was forced to move to a shelter for homeless animals. He lived at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society. This is a unit that takes care of many abandoned creatures every day. Snoopy was one of the residents who spent the most time there, which is part of the reason he developed close bonds with many of the staff and volunteers.

The keepers at Snoopy’s shelter couldn’t watch the dog, hungry for contact with people, full of energy and eager to explore the world, spend the next few months behind bars in a box. That’s why they regularly shared posts on social media encouraging people to adopt an elderly person. They didn’t expect an 11-year-old girl to respond to this type of ad.

dog waiting shelter 660 days child letter

The girl wrote a letter to the dog. Its content is touching

After 600 days at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society, one of the shelter employees published an article on behalf of Snoopy, in which he described the dog’s history in detail. It turned out that no one wanted to give him permanent housing, not just because of his age. Snoopy suffers from Cushing’s disease. This disease manifests itself, among other things, in urinary incontinence and muscle weakness, which discourage people looking for a pet. They didn’t want to choose a pet that requires more attention than healthy dogs.

Snoopy’s story has touched many Internet users. Some of them, even though they could not adopt a four-legged elder, sent various gifts in the form of toys, blankets and food. Among the donors was an 11-year-old girl who gave Snoopy a unique gift. It was a handwritten letter with touching content.

dog waiting shelter 660 days child letter

The letter to the dog had magical power

Shelter employees decided to show the unique letter to Internet users. The text of the message addressed to Snoopy was as follows:

“Dear Snoopy, I wish you luck in finding a home. I look at you on Instagram and every post makes me sad because you deserve a loving home. Just looking at your face tells me that you are a kind soul. Again once, I wish you the best for the rest of your life. I wish I could adopt you myself, but I’m eleven. You’re such a handsome boy, and I hope you like stuffed animals and treats. Sending you hugs, Emmy”

The animal’s temporary guardians did not expect that with a simple click of a mouse, Snoopy’s story would reach the person who would decide to give him a real home. So, after 660 days at the shelter, the senior dog was ceremonially said goodbye to the shelter by shelter employees, and then left to discover a new, better life. This story is perfect proof that sometimes small, seemingly insignificant gestures turn out to have extraordinary power.

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