Dog Waits Daily to Receive A Hug from His Favorite Postman


This dog patiently waits away from home, every day, to receive a hug from his favorite postman, it’s a moving encounter.

Here is Moose

Some dogs don’t get along with the postmen, but for Moose, a 1.5 year old golden retriever, things are a little different. He feels a very special love for a new postman in the neighborhood and since he met him, he has been waiting for him to receive hugs.

It all started when a new factor was assigned to the delivery route, which includes the Moose home in Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA).

The dog senses when the new truck approaches his house, then he runs out and sits down to wait in the aisle, hoping to find his new friend.

Moose feels a postman’s friendly atmosphere, so he jumps on it and each time he expresses all the love he had to give him.

The dog was not wrong to follow his instinct, because the postman responded with many hugs and friendly petting.

Without a doubt, Moose wanted to embrace his postman and give him affection, clearly the feeling was mutual, as if they were linked to each other.

Meghan Gruszynski, Moose’s mother, told The Dodo:

“It was adorable. I loved how much he loved our son and how much Moose loved to greet him.

Now, each time the postman arrives, Moose waits to greet him, this event has become a tradition for both.

To be greeted friendly by a wagging tail, this will surely brighten everyone’s day, for the postman this visit must be very moving.

Meghan wanted to know more about the factor and discovered that her dog had died shortly before meeting Moose, and that he had played an important role in helping him overcome his loss.

Meghan said:

“I came to find out that our postman’s dog died recently. He likes how much love Moose gives him each time he goes out to do his route. ”

Now the postman, whose job it is to make deliveries, receives something special every time he arrives at Moose, it’s like a pack of encouragement and motivation.

Meghan said:

“I hope this will continue for many, many years! He is our postman until his retirement, so it should be fun to see his love. “

This moving story once again shows us that dogs can feel things we cannot see and also provides us with what we need; love and understanding.