This Dog Waits Every Day For His Friend To Come Home From School To Greet Her And Receive Lots Of Hugs

dog waits for a girl

This dog waits for a 17-year-old girl named Elisa Lee every day after school, he is extremely affectionate and friendly. At first, she saw the dog’s nose sticking out of a house and was a little afraid to pet it, but they quickly became good friends.

Elisa told Bored Panda:

“The first time I petted him he was so excited he started licking my hand and giving me his paw.”

It has become a ritual for both of them, she has to go pet him and pamper him after school.

dog waits for a girl

Elisa said:

“Sometimes he’s not there and he’s probably chewing on a toy or laying in the grass, but if I call him, he’ll probably come to the right side of the door where he can help me better. see. Most of the time he waits there for me to pet him.”

dog waits for a girl

This dog expects a girl after school every day

Elisa has already met her four-legged friend’s adoptive father and he told her his name is “Ralph”.

dog waits for a girl

“Most of the time he looks very sad when I leave and say goodbye, but I tell him I’ll be there the next day or so.”

dog waits for a girl
dog waits for a girl

Ralph is addicted to Elisa’s caresses and we hope that this beautiful friendship will last for many more years.

Images: Elisa Lee

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