The Dog Walks On 3 Legs To Sympathize With His Owner With A Broken Foot

dog walks 3 legs sympathize owner broken foot

Some people mentioned that the animal was smart to understand the situation his owner was going through, while others pointed out his loyalty in a difficult time like this.

It is true that dogs are beings of light able to accompany their owners and their humans wherever they are. And not only that, but there is also a sense of loyalty in him that remains strong in the face of any adversity.

But in addition to all of the above, there are dogs that have a much more developed understanding and sensitivity regarding the situations their caregivers are going through.

The dog walked on 3 legs to sympathize with his owner

dog walks 3 legs sympathize owner broken foot

This can be seen in the fact that some dogs tend to imitate what their owners are doing, such as expressing happiness at the same time or understanding the dynamics of certain games to go with the flow. Some scholars even say they “smile” when they see humans do so to express happiness.

A few days ago, a startling video captured in Brazil went viral, uploaded by Twitter profile, @BichinhosFB, in which a dog got it all figured out: its owner broke his foot and had to be placed in a plaster. When the subject left the hospital, he had to jump on one foot because he had no crutches.

dog walks 3 legs sympathize owner broken foot

In a spontaneous reaction, almost bordering on joking, the dog that accompanied her to the health center began to imitate her owner and walked on three legs.

Most tender of all is that the dog probably thought it was a new game introduced to him by his owner, since he was visibly happy and excited by the way his tail was wagging.

Internet users were surprised by the witty gesture of the “firulais”. Some mentioned that the animal had been very intelligent in understanding the situation that its owner was going through, while others highlighted its loyalty and affection accompanying its caregiver even in its most complicated moments.

Images: Twitter / @BichinhosFB

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