Curious Dog Wanted To Befriend A Porcupine And Ended Up With A Hurt Face

dog wanted befriend porcupine hurt face

Bentley, as this boxer is called, will surely think very carefully before wanting to play with these thorny beasts again.

As is well known, dogs are people’s best friends and have earned this fame because they have historically accompanied humans as loyal companions. But these furry animals are also known for other characteristics, such as the fact that they are extremely curious.

Bentley’s family know it very well, a tender boxer dog who recently became known on the social network TikTok for the unfortunate encounter he had with a porcupine, where obviously the dog was the only one injured. in this situation.

Dog suffers consequences after trying to befriend porcupine

dog wanted befriend porcupine hurt face

This is how his owner, Camryn Johnston, told it in a series of videos on his account where we can see the dog with the face full of thorns, having a very bad time. The good thing is that it was nothing serious, because it’s not something new for him either, since the same thing happened to him many times before.

dog wanted befriend porcupine hurt face
dog wanted befriend porcupine hurt face
@camrynjohnston10 See you in a but benny ❤️ #fyp #bentlyquills #porcupine #quills #farmlife #farmdog ♬ original sound – &lt3

Videos of the poor prickly-faced dog became very popular and many people began to take an interest in knowing his condition. That’s why Camryn gave an update on her pet’s progress.

@camrynjohnston10 Bentley is doing well!! With meds and sleep he should be back to doing his job around the farm! #bentleyquills #fyp #quills #porcupine ♬ Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) – ABBA

“Bentley is fine! With medicine and sleep, he should go back to doing his job on the farm!”, the young woman said in one of the publications. And it is that due to the environment in which this dog lives, he It’s normal for him to meet different kinds of animals, but he needs to better understand that porcupines aren’t very friendly to him.

After a visit to the vet, where all the quills in his body were removed, the dog recovered favorably and is now back with his mother on the farm, where he spends most of his days. They will surely be more careful so that it does not happen again.

Images: TikTok / Camryn Johnston

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