Dog Was Found More Than 1,000 Miles Away 7 Years After His Disappearance

dog was found 1000 miles away 7 years later

A dog was found seven years after straying from his home in Florida, but surprisingly he was found in Michigan and was finally reunited with his family. In 2014 the adorable little Yorkshire Terrier named Sgt. Pepper was reported stolen when he was only six years old.

But as if it were a story, after spending many years searching for him, his family was able to find him 1000 miles away.

Although the dog had an identification microchip, he could not be found and his location became more difficult to find every day.

Dog was found after seven years

dog was found 1000 miles away 7 years later

Later, his owner was surfing the internet, and discovered a post about her lost puppy that said it had been “found.” At that moment everyone was confused, but discovered that someone who was not his true owner claimed him, making their search even more difficult.

dog was found 1000 miles away 7 years later

Although the respective police report was made and the microchip company was alerted about the theft of the dog, they could not find it.

Fortunately, seven years after his disappearance, the Eaton County Animal Control organization heard about the puppy and did not hesitate to communicate with its owners. Although members of the organization did not know the exact details of the dog’s long journey, they did know how it got to Michigan.

dog was found 1000 miles away 7 years later

Sgt. Pepper has been living with a loving family for the past five years, but they were unaware of his identification microchip. Upon learning his story, they understood the true situation of the dog and decided to turn him over to animal control, so that he could reunite with his real family.

Eaton County Animal Control wrote on Facebook:

… We appreciate his understanding, since Sgt. Pepper was able to reunite with his original family …

dog was found 1000 miles away 7 years later

Staff verified the information on the microchip and noted that it had been updated in February 2020, making it easier to communicate with its owners. After hearing the incredible news, the owner of the puppy took a flight from Florida to Michigan, to meet again with her beloved pet.

Finally, after traveling for several hours, the woman was able to meet her cute dog and rushed him to her real home.

dog was found 1000 miles away 7 years later

Animal control commented:

This incredible story is a testament to the value of microchipping your pet and keeping contact information up to date.

The organization ensures that it is very important that all dogs have a microchip, so that in this way unexpected news can be avoided.

In addition, most veterinarians or animal shelters provide the microchip service for free, making it more accessible to acquire them.

Animal Control added:

It’s also good to scan any new dog you get for a microchip just in case, especially if some part of the pet’s history is unknown.

dog was found 1000 miles away 7 years later

It is always a good idea for your pet to have a microchip and this story is proof of how significant it can be.

Images: Facebook/ Eaton County Animal Control

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