Dog Realizes The Mailbox Is The Perfect Way To Greet The Neighborhood

dog way say hello mailbox

People who pass Rigby on their way can’t help but contemplate his curious greeting. The little dog is an expert at stealing smiles.

Rigby is an absolutely adorable and energetic one year old dog. He has found the perfect way to use his home mailbox as a window through which he can greet neighbors.

Plus, Courtney Poole and her husband Evan never worry about their mail getting lost as Rigby is on the prowl.

Poole told The Dodo that the little dog is also sweet and affectionate, so he always tries to be friends with every person and animal he meets.

The dog knows the mailbox is the perfect way to say hello


From a young age, Rigby began using the mailbox when he discovered that his small size allowed him to fit through the opening.

Poole said:

Let’s be honest, it’s nice to open your mailbox and see a dog lying in it.

Rigby is no longer a dog and can’t get through the mailbox, but he does manage to poke his head when he wants to see what’s going on in the neighborhood.


He gets very excited every time he sees someone pass by, especially when it comes to other pets.

Those who see it often stop to contemplate it and enjoy its special habit. He thus stole more than one smile from passers-by.

Sometimes Rigby also likes to put his toys in the mailbox.

Poole said:

Rigby is usually only on the porch when we’re around, which is twice a day, so he only surprises the postman once.


At first it was difficult for the postman to put the mail in the mailbox, so Evan had to get Rigby out of there, but now the dog and the postman are on good terms and Evan doesn’t need to intervene anymore.

Images: Courtney Poole


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