The dogs knew in the morning what awaited one of them. The bond between them cannot be described in words

dogs knew morning awaited one @r/pics

Sef, Rhonin and Jaina are dogs with a unique bond. Unfortunately, one day the animals had to be separated. What is surprising in this story is the behavior of the animal friends. The four-legged dogs knew what was going to happen before it all started. They knew when it was time to say goodbye. They did it with extreme sensitivity.

The senior dog left slowly. He was able to count on the support of his friends until the end

Sef is a German Shepherd who found his way into a unique adoptive family. The dog spent eleven wonderful years with his loving owners. There were also four-legged friends in his life. For years, the senior dog’s faithful companions were two other dogs: Rhonin and Jaina. The animals always got along well and enjoyed spending time together, even if it wasn’t just about having fun. The unique relationship between three dogs was described by one of the users of the online forum Reddit.

A few months ago, Sef’s health deteriorated considerably. At one point, the German Shepherd was unable to move independently. Basic activities such as drinking and urinating became a huge challenge for him. Worse still, no treatment has given satisfactory results. Already energetic, Rhonin and Jaina were of great support to Sef. The dogs, much younger than him, made sure that he did not feel alone.

Nothing could be done. They had to say goodbye to their beloved dog

Sef’s owners fought for him as long as they could. However, when they realized there was no hope of his health improving, they had to make a terribly difficult decision. They knew that there was only one solution to relieve an elderly dog: euthanasia.

With heavy hearts, they made an appointment with a veterinarian for the final procedure. They convinced a specialist to exceptionally carry out euthanasia at their home. Sef’s guardians really wanted the dog to leave this world in a place where he felt safe. On the day the inevitable procedure was to take place, something extraordinary happened.

His friends said goodbye to him in a unique way

The day Sef was to be euthanized, Rhonin and Jaina were behaving very strangely. The dogs, always active and happy, were this time calm and as if depressed. They spent the whole morning next to the sofa where Sef was lying. Just before the vet arrived, the dogs started licking their friend, as if to say, “we love you and we will always remember you,” and then left peacefully.

Sef’s owners were with him during the euthanasia. The four-legged senior was in their arms as he crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. Because they adopted him eleven years ago, his life was filled with love and joy until the end.

dogs knew morning awaited one @r/pics

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