These Dogs Sneak Into The Garden While Their Owner Is In The Shower, To Get A Makeover

dogs sneak garden get makeover

Lora Larkin who lives in Tampa, Florida (USA), is the owner of two adorable Samoyed dogs named Felix and Finley; who took the opportunity to do their thing while she took her shower.

It seems that they took advantage of the fact that the dog gate was left open and decided to go out into the garden to get a makeover.

Lora told the Daily Mirror:

“They must have heard the sprinklers in the garden turn on. We had recently prepared a section of our yard for new grass, so it was bare. They ran through the sprinklers and rolled over the ground until ‘they’re both muddy.”

Dogs wait for an oversight from their master to get a makeover

dogs sneak garden get makeover

Felix and Finley are beautiful snowflakes, but when their owner found them that day, she was in awe; they were covered in mud and he had to let them dry for a few hours before he could bathe them.

dogs sneak garden get makeover

Lora says:

“When I found them, there was no turning back. We had to let them dry for a few hours before he could start cleaning them because adding more water only pushes the dirt deeper into his skin.”

According to information published by the Samoyed Club of America, this breed tends to exhibit destructive behaviors when bored, its love for digging coming from its ancestors who did it to protect themselves from cold winds.

dogs sneak garden get makeover

The owner of these berserks says her family loves Felix and Finley, noting that they need lots of upkeep, exercise and attention.

Lora added:

“We had to clean their fur with dish soap and water, we kept it simple as they have sensitive skin. Samoyeds have two coats so it’s best to dry them then wet them with water.”

dogs sneak garden get makeover

When they posted the dogs’ antics on Instagram at the start of the pandemic, they didn’t think they would get so much attention. A woman from Europe wrote to them to thank them for the joy her publication brought them, as she was somewhat depressed due to world events.

dogs sneak garden get makeover

Lora finally added:

“We have chosen to start sharing more of our puppies because of the joy they bring us and we hope it spreads positivity and smiles around the world.”

dogs sneak garden get makeover

If you want to know more about this pair of furry antics, you can visit their Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / felix_n_finley

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