Dogs – unconditional love for their owners


On the internet, you can literally see everything, strange and funny photos, but also other less pleasant content.

Historically, images have circulated on the internet, showing sleeping homeless people with their dogs, illustrations that contain both the sadness of poverty, but also the tenderness of love and the light of hope. As is often the case, everyone tends to see what they want, much like the Rorschach smear test, where everyone projects what they really have inside.

Dogs unconditional love owners

These images convey an important message. The man and his friend rest in peace between the eyes of everyone, close to each other, giving each other affection and comfort. The two friends are not so alone, but can count on the unconditional love of a faithful friend, a guardian angel without wings but on all fours.

Dogs unconditional love owners
Jane Tyska/Bay Area News Group

Dogs unconditional love owners Dogs unconditional love ownersThe dog does not care if his master is rich or poor, if he cannot guarantee him home or food – he is and will remain there with his owner, whatever happens. A single story tells an entire story, or at least it can be imagined. The details don’t matter because what you see is worth it.

Two souls can be serene and happy together, even if everything is lacking, the important thing is that there is a mysterious and magnificent bond between them which gives them strength and confidence every day. The interpretation of these scenes may be too romantic or fictional, but it can certainly serve as a starting point for learning what respect, empathy, loyalty and love mean.

Dogs unconditional love owners Dogs unconditional love owners

The love between the animal and the owner has been immortalized by many legends. Many novels have described the love and trust that an animal and the owner share. It was the same for many films. Why even you or I would have had a pet at some point in our lives and loved our association with that animal. It is probably one of the purest relationships for anyone.

We talk to our pets and they listen. They give us unconditional love and await our attention. They amuse us and make us feel good about ourselves. As Samuel Butler said, “The great pleasure of a dog is that you can make fun of him and not only will he not scold you, but he will also make fun of himself.”

Dogs unconditional love owners Dogs unconditional love owners

After a hard day at work, the moment your dog runs towards you when you are at home eliminates the fatigue of the day. There are countless incidents where a dog saved its owner or a cat woke up its owner when there was a fire in the house. Do animals have psychic power? They have some. They can understand when you are standing at the door or when you are depressed. Pets fill this void in our lives that no human relationship can fill.

Medical research indicates that older people who own dogs see a doctor less than others. It’s a proven fact that pet owners have lower blood pressure or that pet companionship helps families and individuals cope with a serious illness. Playing with your pet burns up to 250 calories per hour. There are dogs that help the blind in their daily lives and there are dogs that help the police in their mission to protect people.

But there would likely be fewer people who would own a pet for the reasons mentioned above. People who own pets just love them, and all the benefits they get from the association are just a by-product. And it is true that once a pet lover is still a pet lover.


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