15 Dogs That Have Not Warned Their Owners That They Will Become Huge


Dogs love to crawl on your lap for cuddling, it’s their way of showing how much they care about you and how much they love you, and there’s no reason why it should change if they get bigger and bigger that you. Dogs don’t seem to warn their owners that they are going to get huge, and don’t seem to know how big they are.

Big dogs tend to have more joint and heart disease, especially in old age, so they could use your love! If you have a photo of a large dog that seems to have forgotten their size, please send it to us to be added to this list.

Me and my bestie

Hulk, At 173 Lbs, Might Be The World’s Biggest Pitbull

This Is Maynard. He Is My Best Friend, And Soon He Will Be 3

She firmly believes she’s a lap dog…

He weighs 140 healthy pounds – not 300

Just another lap dog

Just Another Picture Of A Friends Giant Dog. Seriously, Giant

The perks of owning a Great Dane mix

Meet Bailey, Our 130 Pound Lap Dog

Just a Dog

big huge dogs

Big dogs need love too!

Black Wolf Hybrid

2 Regular Dogs

big huge dogs A Boy And His Dog

May I have this dance, madam?

big huge dogs

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