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Simple dogs nutrition basics, facts, rules and advice that are very important for keeping your pet healthy.


Every owner dreams of an obedient dog that behaves well on the street, in public places and clearly obeys all commands. Getting the dog of your dreams requires systematic and consistent training.


It is important for every dog owner to be informed about dogs diseases, knows what signs and symptoms to look for, and how we can prevent our cat from contracting certain avoidable diseases.

Dogs Popular Articles

Rottweiler The Gentle Giant | Dog Breed Info

The Rottweiler is a strong, robust and athletic dog. Medium to large, and with an appearance that does not hide its great...

Dog Accidentally Runs Half-Marathon After Being Let Out For Pee, Finishes 7th

Imagine training for months and months for a gruelling, 13.5 mile marathon to be beaten by Ludivine, the two-and-a-half year...

German Shepherd Dog | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The German Shepherd is one of the most recognizable breeds in the world. Its appearance must be that of a muscular and...

Choosing The Right Dog Food

The choice of the type of dog food, is sometimes a difficult decision, we hear several opinions, suddenly we get lost.

Beagle | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The Beagle is a small, robust and audacious and friendly dog, compact and sporty. These dogs have a short, dense and weather-resistant...

Golden Retriever | Information & Dog Breed Facts

Famous for its shiny golden fur of medium length, the golden retriever is a dog with a friendly expression, perfect symmetry and...

Animal Lovers Are Never Lonely – The positive impact of animals on humans

Every two out of three families have a pet. It is impossible to count the number of dogs, cats, hamsters, parrots, chinchillas,...

Blanca & Blanco, 2 Rescued Dogs From Hell To Love

Blanca & Blanco, 2 Rescued Dogs Who Went From Living In Hell To Being Loved Again When people think...

What Does A Relationship With A Pet Look Like – 25 Illustrations

If you have a furry friend as a roommate, you will be aware of the fact that he is always happy to...

Dog Food Guide | How to properly feed my dog?

Dogs’ nutritional - Dog's diet -needs may differ from ours. What we deem as healthy for us might not sufficient or appropriate...

Akita Inu | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The Akita Inu also called Japanese Akita is a dog breed that comes from Japan, and in its native country it is...

Saint Bernard | Information & Dog Breed Facts

The St. Bernard dog is one of those unmistakable breeds, with its enormous proportions and great height. These dogs are muscular with...

Caring For Senior Dogs – Make Your Old Dog Comfortable

A pet at a venerable age is always sad. We understand that the canine age is not so long, and soon we...

70 dogs destined for consumption were rescued from a farm in South Korea

On a farm in South Korea, 70 dogs destined for human consumption that were kept in cages were rescued by the Humane Society International...

Dog Fleas Can Cause More Than Itching

Fleas are ectoparasites that are common throughout the world. They feed...

He puts his car up for sale to save his dog

When Randy Etter learned that his dog needed an emergency surgery, he did not hesitate a second to find the...

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