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All existing dog breeds with photos, names and detailed descriptions of each breed. Standards, breed history, personality traits and much, much more, including reviews of each dog breed. But you don’t need to be a dog handler to understand which dog is in front of you. It is enough to study the information about each. On Pets Feed, you can read about dog breeds with photos and names.

We tried to collect all even the rarest dog breeds with names, photos, videos and descriptions in one place with a convenient platform. Different breeds of dogs have different temperaments, characters, abilities. Some are easier to train, others are more stubborn. And even if you like a certain breed of dog, it doesn’t mean that you can easily afford it. You need to understand that caring for and maintaining mustache can also be extremely difficult. This is not just a feed-walk. The content includes education, training, visits to the veterinarian (vaccinations, deworming, annual medical examinations and examinations), combing, grooming.

We must not forget about the area of ​​the apartment / house. If small and medium dog breeds can make room with the owner and in a single room (although some representatives, due to their hyperactivity, should be kept in large rooms or in the yard with a warm booth), while large dog breeds will feel uncomfortable.

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Simple dogs nutrition basics, facts, rules and advice that are very important for keeping your pet healthy.


Every owner dreams of an obedient dog that behaves well on the street, in public places and clearly obeys all commands. Getting the dog of your dreams requires systematic and consistent training.


It is important for every dog owner to be informed about dogs diseases, knows what signs and symptoms to look for, and how we can prevent our cat from contracting certain avoidable diseases.


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