The dramatic reaction of a dog after being neutered has moved the world – VIDEO

dramatic reaction neutered dog video
Tiktok / shepherdsofmn

A visit to the clinic causes fear in many animals, regardless of age, breed or size. Not all dogs enter the vet’s office and cheerfully greet the staff. This is often linked to unpleasant experiences and unpleasant procedures, such as blood sampling, teeth cleaning or castration. In this regard, the case of an Australian Shepherd named Chance is not isolated. The owner decided to document the funny reaction of the patient after his visit to the hospital.

Katherine Kennedy owns two dogs: a German Shepherd named Archer and her half-brother Chance, an Australian Shepherd. Concerned about the health of her children, when the youngest dog turned 2 years old, the woman decided to take him to the hospital for castration. When she came to pick him up, she didn’t expect to hear a dramatic scream before entering the clinic.

The dog lost his jewelry. This is how he reacted after waking up from anesthesia

Spaying or neutering a dog is a common, routine and, above all, completely safe procedure that involves the removal of the animal’s reproductive organs. It should be emphasized that this is an operation carried out under general anesthesia, during which the dog’s gonads are removed – the testicles in the male, and the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, the uterus and the cervix in the female, which makes the intervention definitive.

Veterinarians recommend that castration be performed once the dog has reached maturity. Thus, when Chance reaches the age of two, it is time for the shepherd to “go under the knife”. Of course, his guardian acted in good faith, but the animal understood the situation completely differently. The popularity of the vet visit video has exceeded the pet owner’s wildest expectations.

dramatic reaction neutered dog video
Tiktok / shepherdsofmn

As you can easily guess, the sheepdog was not very happy about the idea of going to a veterinary hospital. After waking up from the anesthesia, he was very disappointed with what had just happened to him, which he expressed by screaming loudly. As soon as Katherine crossed the threshold of the building, she heard a terrible scream coming from one of the offices. She immediately guessed that Chance had been making a fuss about himself for a long time, which was confirmed by the clerk.

Fear has big eyes

Realizing that the sheepdog is a real drama king, the woman decided to document his reaction step by step. The recording shows Chance looking at his mistress with terror on his face, and as he drives the car, he stares out the window. This is most likely the result of anesthesia and painkillers.

Even though Katherine was trying to calm her pet down, the furball apparently still felt distracted by the general anesthesia. After getting out of the vehicle, it was time to defecate, but Chance protested pointedly and lay down in the snow to cool off. Even after reaching the apartment and seeing Archer again, things didn’t improve much.

dramatic reaction neutered dog video
Tiktok / shepherdsofmn

Instead of recovering from the operation by taking a long nap, the Australian Shepherd continued to howl late into the night and look around the rooms with fear in his eyes, as if he were sulking. There is no doubt that castration was a traumatic experience for him. Although many netizens have suggested that the four-legged friend is suffering from pain due to a lack of painkillers, Chance simply likes to be given lots of attention.

@shepherdsofmn It was quite the first 24 hours 😅 the most dramatic dog I’ve met. Please enjoy the whole thing #dogsoftiktok #aussie #aussiesoftiktok ♬ original sound – Katherine Kennedy

In response to numerous questions from Internet users about Chance’s well-being, the owner sarcastically admitted that the next three days were marked by hateful looks and attempts to blame her. Adding to the drama was the fact that the sheepdog was not allowed to wear special clothing that prevented him from licking the healing wounds. As you can see in the latest videos posted on TikTok, the dog is completely recovered and the visit to the veterinary clinic is a thing of the past.

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