He’s been waiting in a shelter for 500 days. The dog was supposed to be happy at last, but people didn’t keep their promise

Drogo been waiting in a shelter for 500 days

The dog spent 500 days at the shelter waiting for a family to love him. When the other dogs left the walls of the establishment, he did not move. Although he was an affectionate dog, no one wanted to pay attention to him. Fate smiled upon him when he finally found a family who promised to give him a forever home. He was supposed to be happy in the end, but people broke his word.

The dog spent 500 days at the shelter. Everyone has lost hope of finding a family

American pit bull Drogo was unlucky in life. When he first visited the shelter in March 2022, his owners promised they would return when they had the chance to pick him up. They were expelled and did not know what to do with the animal. Days passed and the dog did not move from Austin Animal Center in Texas. Its owners did not appear again. We don’t know if they were telling the truth.

Drogo waited in the shelter for 500 days. Other dogs left the facility with new owners, and he was left alone. The dog’s situation broke the hearts of volunteers visiting the shelter. Finally, one of them decided to share Drogo’s story on TikTok. Although the dog has won the sympathy of netizens, it seems that this does not translate into the desire to adopt. Shelter staff thought Drogo would never find a home when a family showed up promising to take him in forever.

@goodboygonehome drogo has is one of the longest stay dogs at the shelter. he’s coming up on a year. that’s way too long for any dog to spend living in a cage. please take a chance on him. he’s at austin animal center in austin, tx. @austinanimalcenter #shelterdog #adoptme #austinanimalcenter #pitbullsoftiktok #pitbulllove #longstay #adoptdontshop ♬ To Build A Home – The Cinematic Orchestra & Patrick Watson

They treated the dog as something that could be returned. “Drogo had no chance”

They seemed to have good intentions. Shelter staff were happy the beloved dog finally had a family. When they said goodbye to him, they were full of hope that Drogo would find his place in the world.

Only a week after the dog left the walls of the shelter, he had to return. The family that was supposed to care for him and love him until the end of his days soon withdrew. After five hundred days of waiting at the shelter to find suitable accommodation, Drogo had to return there. When the internet found out about the adoption failure, it had a lot to say.

Shelter dogs need time to adjust to their new family. Drogo had no chance – summed up the Internet user.

Drogo been waiting in a shelter for 500 days
Austin Animal Center

Drogo is a beloved dog who no one wants to give a chance. “It’s hard not to fall in love with him the first time you meet him”

Draco didn’t understand what had happened. He didn’t know why the new family got rid of him so quickly.

“Since he came back to the shelter, he seems sadder than before: he no longer shows any interest,” said Kelsey Cler, a member of the shelter staff.

The dog is again waiting for a new family. On the shelter’s website, you can read a description of the dog to encourage adoption.

“Drogo is charming and gets to know people so delicately that it’s hard not to fall in love with him the first time you meet him. If you bring him home, he will relax next to you on the sofa. He is convinced that he is a little dog and no one has ever had the courage to tell him otherwise. Drogo still dreams of a family all to himself.

Drogo and the shelter staff still don’t give up hope that there will finally be a loving family who will adopt a pit bull. They hope that this time it will truly be a forever home.

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