Man Takes His Dying Dog Up The Mountain In A Wheelbarrow For A ‘Last Adventure’


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This man decided to take his dog with cancer to the mountains to share with him a last and wonderful adventure

Unfortunately, the moment comes for all of us where we must learn to let go of what we love the most, and this hard life lesson was recently lived by Carlos Fresco with his beloved Labradoodle, Monty, ten years old. The pair of friends had been through a lot together, especially in the last year and a half. And as sad as his next adventure was, Carlos was by his beloved dog’s side until his last breath.

In recent months, Carlos learned that Monty did not have many days to live. His dog with blood cancer was living her last days, so he decided to have one last adventure with him.

The man has shared life with his furry one since he was a small puppy, and since then the couple have had hundreds of adventures in the vast hills of the UK.

Man takes his dog with cancer on a ‘last adventure’

Dying Dog Last Adventure Wheelbarrow

Carlos told The Brecon & Radnor Express:

I knew that Monty was dying because his cancer had returned. He was diagnosed 18 months ago and responded very well to chemotherapy. But unfortunately, his leukemia came back eight weeks ago and it got worse very quickly.

A close friend of Carlos, who lives in Brecon, Wales, had a health problem and had to travel from London to be treated by his doctor. Carlos offered to take him and saw this opportunity as a sign to go on one last adventure with Monty, so he took him with him.

Dying Dog Last Adventure Wheelbarrow

In Brecon they stayed with some friends, which gave Carlos and Monty the opportunity to travel to the top of Pen y Fan; It was incredible, many walkers stopped to greet and meet Monty, they also helped him climb to the top with the help of a wheelbarrow that Carlos adapted.

Dying Dog Last Adventure Wheelbarrow

Carlos said:

He loved hiking in the hills and we improvised and took him for a walk through the wonderful lighthouses. Although he was weak, he enjoyed all the fuss and attention received by so many supporters.

Dying Dog Last Adventure Wheelbarrow

Monty was very happy to see the beautiful landscapes and to meet other people as he passed by; the dog was always characterized by being adorable and everyone who approached it was moved by knowing his tender story.

People were so identified with Carlos’s gesture that they offered to help him push the wheelbarrow to the top of the mountain.

Carlos added:

The hill people were very kind and just as sad about their state of disrepair. In fact, complete strangers asked if they could share pushing Monty on his last trip.

Dying Dog Last Adventure Wheelbarrow

Unfortunately, Monty’s health continued to deteriorate during his stay in Brecon, and within a few days the dog with cancer passed away at the feet of his beloved friend and adventure partner.

Carlos commented:

He endured until the morning after his Father’s Day. I looked over the mattress and he was gone. However, he looked so calm and I’m glad we went on one last adventure together.

Dying Dog Last Adventure Wheelbarrow

After this, Carlos took Monty to his house in London and decided to bury him in his Garden, to feel him always close to him, the furry sweet will always be part of his life.

Finally, the man added:

That little boy touched so many lives. He made everyone he came in contact with smile and take a moment to reflect on how life isn’t so bad sometimes. Our little companions never judge, they are always there waiting for you and offer you comfort when things have not gone well.