Cat With Lost Ears Finds Forever Home And Best Friend

cat lost ears finds home

Potato is an adorable cat who lost his ears, this little one had a rough life on the streets before being rescued by a local shelter in China called Treasure Life, Be Kind To Animals Association two years ago. When rescuers discovered he had a severe ceruminous adenoma in his ear canals, he was taken to vets and treated to remove the adenoma, but specialists recommended removing the canals and ears to prevent the disease from spreading. to recover.

After the operation, Potato made a successful recovery, with a loving home and a brother he has fun with every day.

For this cat without ears, every day is a new adventure and he decided to enjoy it with his new family.

Cat without ears finds a home

cat finds home after suffering on the streets and losing its ears

His adoptive parents have created an Instagram account for him and tell about the adventures of this curious cat. They recently wrote an article about his debut and said:

Potato was a stray cat, so no one knows when he was born or how old he is.

cat without ears
sweet cat without ears

His family believe the feline is around 6 years old, living on the streets for so long that it was difficult to find an exact age, and they decided to celebrate his adoption date on April 25, 2019 as his birthday. can celebrate his special day with balloons and cakes.

potato celebrates his birthday
cute cat without ears playing

Potato is very happy to play and share his life with his brother Horlick

cat finds home and now has a brother
earless kitten and her brother take care of each other

His family say Potato can still hear well, is a loving cat and loves games.

You can see how he has fun in this video:

This sweet cat’s life had a rough start, but for Potato, losing his ears marked the start of a new life. Now he has a family forever.

Images: Instagram / no_ear_meow_potato

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