Edgardo, the man who travels Mexico rescuing abandoned dogs


Edgardo Zúñiga is a Mexican man with a huge heart. This man, originally from Nayarit, a community in the west of the Aztec nation, decided to take a tricycle one day and drive the streets to help stray dogs.

Edgardo Perros Zúñiga rescue stray dogs

This hero man is known as: Edgardo Perros

Edgardo realized that many Mexican families were not caring for their pets, throwing them in the street, and wanted to do something to change this terrible reality. He set himself the goal of helping these stray dogs and offered to travel the Mexican nation from end to end.

Edgardo Perros Zúñiga rescue stray dogs

In his adventure, he has already traveled more than 14000 km, in 13 states, including Sinaloa, Baja California, Chihuahua, Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Quintana Roo.

Edgardo Perros Zúñiga rescue stray dogs

Since he started pedaling until now, Edgardo Zúñiga has saved more than 500 dogs from abandonment.

Edgardo Perros Zúñiga rescue stray dogs

To give more visibility to his project, he decided to create a page on Facebook that bears the name with which he became popular: Edgardo Perros. For people to know where they are in Mexico, adopt the animals they save or provide support.

Everyone who knows Edgardo is surprised at his work. This man, who decided to engage in this hard mission alone, is now supported by the generosity of many people, who contribute to his work, through small donations and other things necessary for dogs.

Edgardo Perros Zúñiga rescue stray dogs

Edgardo Zúñiga was the protagonist of an interview conducted by the international news agency EFE, explaining where his concern was coming from and how this project had started, which changed the lives of more than four hundred dogs.

“I am accompanied by dogs from many areas of Mexico that no one adopts, who remain in the street,” said Edgardo Zúñiga.

Now, these dogs are part of the “dog rescue team”, because these animals “teach others to have nobility, to trust people”.

Edgardo Perros Zúñiga rescue stray dogs

Part of the Edgardo team is made up of a crew of more than a dozen dogs. These are the animals that accompany him unconditionally in his journey and that serve, according to Edgardo Zúñiga, so that abandoned dogs in the streets join cordially his gang and can thus help them.

Edgardo Perros Zúñiga rescue stray dogs

Eduardo explains that some dogs become aggressive or too shy when they are abandoned. Thanks to their “canine friends”, no dog can resist them. This effective therapy has put many street animals in new homes.

This man wears, among other things, a first aid kit. Thanks to this, he is able to assist the injured street dogs, in addition to wearing them in the hope of finding a better life.

Edgardo Perros Zúñiga rescue stray dogs

Edgardo Perros still has just under 20 Mexican states to visit. A video of this man on Facebook has become viral and more and more people are interested in the work of this exemplary man. If you want to help yourself, be sure to visit his page and make a donation.


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