Elderly Man’s Sweet Friendship With Neighbor’s Golden Retrievers Is So Heartwarming (Video)

elderly man sweet friendship with neighbor golden retrievers heartwarming video

Mr Bill visited his canine friends after being unable to see them the previous two days due to heavy rain in South Carolina.

Dogs are able to generate close bonds in an incredible way, for this reason, like cats, they are great life companions who will be with people in a relationship where love and friendship are given unconditionally. .

Having a puppy or a young dog when one is an elderly person brings a series of challenges since these animals need mental and physical stimuli, however, factors related to the age of their owner would limit this type of activity, according to the specialized portal in pets Pet Helpful.

For these reasons, Mr. Bill’s case caused a stir on the TikTok platform, the old man was caught on video interacting with two golden retrievers belonging to his neighbor Kimberly Hanberry.

A tender interaction

elderly man sweet friendship with neighbor golden retrievers heartwarming video

In the clip of just over a minute, you can see how Mr. Bill calls the dogs behind a fence that divides the patio with his neighbor, while in his left hand he carries round snacks that appear to be cookies. Seconds later, one of the golden retrievers arrives and sits down waiting for his neighbor to give him a treat.

elderly man sweet friendship with neighbor golden retrievers heartwarming video

According to the description of the video, the man is 94 years old and has become too fond of his neighbor’s dogs. “He likes boys and boys like him. She hadn’t had a chance to see them for the past few days because it had been raining, so as soon as the sun went down she decided to visit them. “, explained Kimberly in the clips of the clip.

elderly man sweet friendship with neighbor golden retrievers heartwarming video

The woman who lives in South Carolina pointed to the tender detail Mr Bill has with his pets and jokingly considers the man should be considered the President of the United States for the thoughtfulness and treatment he has towards animals.

“It’s UP in real life,” commented TikTok user Dani, referencing the Disney Pixar animated film. “My elderly dog was our neighbour’s best friend. I know these candies up close taste even sweeter in heaven”, “I also had a Mr. Bill who gave my German Shepherd candies every morning”, “we all want to have a Mr. Bill as a neighbor “, were other opinions expressed in the publication.

@kimberlyhanberry Mr. Bill for president 🥹 #fyp #goldenretriever #southcarolina #ditl #trending #treat #wholesome #feelings ♬ You're My Best Friend – Acoustic – Paul Canning

The video has 19,200 likes and over 480 comments, however, over the past eight hours, most of the activity has been in the comment box where users have started sharing their thoughts on the dogs’ cute reaction.

Golden retrievers

The American Kennel Club (AKC), the American organization in charge of registering dogs with pedigree, explained in the fact sheet of this species that they are very affectionate with family, people, small children and others. dogs, which is why they are quite sociable animals with their environment.

Goldens are outgoing, reliable, eager-to-please family dogs that are relatively easy to train,” the association explained. “They take a happy, playful approach to life and maintain that puppy-like behavior well into adulthood,” the AKC added.

These dogs crave people’s attention and want to please those around them. They are dogs that need moderately high mental stimulation, so it is advisable to allow them constant activity.

Images: Tiktok/ @kimberlyhanberry

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