Elegant Cat Is The Rings Bearer At His Owners’ Wedding

elegant cat rings bearer wedding parents

It’s a fact that those of us who love animals always want to include them in family events, just like that wedding couple who decided to include their cats for their wedding ceremony; but her cat dressed in a tailored suit stole the show.

Diana González and Nicholas Edward Donatelli wanted to include their two cats, Lily and Moose, on their wedding day. So Moose would be in charge of wearing the rings and Lily would be the little flower lady.

However, it seems that Moose stole the attention of all the wedding guests, as he understood his task very well and his elegance surprised everyone.

An elegant cat wears wedding rings

elegant cat rings bearer wedding parents
Image: Mercury Press

The ceremony took place in early September in Chauncey, Princeton, New Jersey, where the cat’s presence shone in front of the 110 other guests. Diana and Nicholas had long been planning how to involve their pets in their big day, but there were still details to work out.

They spent around 30 euros on Moose’s beautiful outfit, which consisted of a cute tuxedo and a salmon-colored bow tie.

elegant cat rings bearer wedding parents
Instagram/ lily.and.moose

The costume was tailor-made and according to the theme of the ceremony, everything was planned for the event to end on a high note.

Diana told METRO:

We had a childless marriage, but we wanted to include our furry babies, so I was just thinking; How do we do that?

While everything was planned perfectly, there were still doubts about how to bring Moose to the ceremony and get him to do his job. But Diana found a transport cage on Google and didn’t hesitate to order it a few months before her wedding to get used to Moose.

elegant cat rings bearer wedding parents
Twitter/ richard scott larson

Apparently the transport cage worked perfectly, because since he first used it it has become his favorite place. Then, to make his work easier during the ceremony, Moose would be carried in this stroller, which would be pushed by Richard, Diana’s brother-in-law.

Richard was happy to join the adorable kitty at the event, especially since the response from the guests was incredible. However, he said he struggled to capture Moose minutes before the ceremony and get him ready for his big time.

elegant cat rings bearer wedding parents
Twitter/ richard scott larson

She had to convince him to get out from under the bed and then he struggled to dress her, but he finally succeeded and it ended up being a lot of fun. Then they went to the wedding, and there Moose’s attitude changed, he seemed to understand what he was doing and liked everyone’s attention.

Nicolas said:

I’m grateful to everyone who had fun and enjoyed themselves, Moose went viral, it’s just the icing on the cake.

elegant cat rings bearer wedding parents
Image: Mercury Press

The ceremony ended as everyone expected, but it is clear that no one will forget the beautiful presence and the good work of the gracious Moose.

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