Dog’s Emotional Reunion With Owner After 18 Months Away Will Make You Cry

emotional dog owner reunion after 18 months

When pets get lost and don’t come home, owners always think the worst could have happened. It is then that the most catastrophic and tragic scenarios that can exist play out in their minds.

But it’s usually much more heartbreaking when these separations occur because one of the owners can no longer care for their dogs, which can often lead to abandonment.

And so, it happened to the owner of Ellie, a 3-year-old dog who had to be left in the care of other people because he couldn’t take care of her anymore.

emotional dog owner reunion after 18 months

According to information from The Dodo, this man had to go to Canine Haven Rescue, an animal shelter in the United States because circumstances forced them to have to go their separate ways.

emotional dog owner reunion after 18 months

Ellie’s carer lost his wife and when he had to move in with his daughter, she wouldn’t let him take the dog with him.

“Our veterinary practice contacted us in June 2021 to welcome Ellie. Her owner was a client there and had just lost his wife and had to move in with his daughter, who wouldn’t let him bring Ellie,” Cara said. Seiler, a domestic worker.

emotional dog owner reunion after 18 months

This decision generated a lot of anguish for Ellie’s owner, who did not lose contact with her dog and even sent her toys and clothes so that she could keep warm. “Ellie is a sweet and loving girl, so we don’t know why no one applied to adopt her,” Cara added.

Thus passed the days, the weeks and the months. After a year and a half, Ellie was part of the household and no new family was in sight on her horizon.

emotional dog owner reunion after 18 months

It seemed like fate kept her tied to her former owner. And this resulted in a surprising fact: after so long without being adopted, she finally received the call from her master to meet again.

“When we told him she was still here, you could hear tears in her voice. Then he said he was moving in with his sister in South Carolina and she loves dogs and she could take Ellie if we let her get it back,” Cara said.

The shelter arranged a reunion and the two reunited after a year and a half in a small office. The dog immediately realized that it was its owner and kept wagging its tail as a sign of happiness. “She was supposed to be with him. She had a purpose.”

Images: Facebook / Canine Haven Rescue, Inc

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