Enkaz, The Cat Rescued In Turkey Who Does Not Part With Firefighter Ali Cakas

enkaz cat rescued turkey firefighter ali cakas

A cat named Enkaz was rescued by firefighter Ali Cakas in Turkey and the feline has not been separated from him since.

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook Turkey on February 6 left, among all its tragedy due to the death – including that of Proteus, the rescue dog – some images of tenderness.

This is the story featuring the firefighter named Ali Cakas, who during his rescue work found a white cat with black spots named Enkaz.

enkaz cat rescued turkey firefighter ali cakas

Which had an attitude of total gratitude towards his hero, since he does not take off at any time.

Enkaz, the cat rescued in Turkey who does not part with firefighter Ali Cakas, moves social networks

Through social networks, a video has been released in which firefighter Ali Cakas is shown with Enkaz the cat rescued from the rubble of the earthquake in Turkey.

This recording shows Enkas perched on his rescuer’s shoulder, having a rather friendly attitude towards him and letting himself be stroked.

enkaz cat rescued turkey firefighter ali cakas

These images have touched all users of social networks who are moved by the story of Enkas and Ali Cakas, who after the tragedy have become inseparable friends.

According to some media, the Enkaz cat was trapped in the rubble generated by the earthquake in Turkey for more than 129 hours.

Her luck changed when she met Ali Cakas who helped her out of the ruins. It should be noted that after being rescued, Enkas received water and food to comfort him.

enkaz cat rescued turkey firefighter ali cakas

Firefighter Ali Cakas shares photo with Enkaz, a cat rescued in Turkey, to show he’s in ‘good hands’

Enkaz cat hero Ali Cakas shared a photo on his Instagram account, (@jcaks_1), showing that the kitten was safe at home.

“He’s in good hands. I guess it’s loyalty, how elegant and decent it is,” Ali Cakas wrote, referring to his new partner.

enkaz cat rescued turkey firefighter ali cakas

As this rescuer said, no one claimed Enkaz and for this reason, if his owner does not show up, he will adopt him.

Images: Anadolu

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