7 Essential Products For A New Puppy


Last Updated on June 16, 2021 by Pets Feed

It is important to prepare for the appearance of a puppy in the house in advance so that he can easily and comfortably get used to the new conditions. Making a list of the essentials will help make sure you have what you need.

It is important to prepare in advance for the arrival of the puppy. Choosing an adapted food is important, but there are a few other aspects of the animal’s appearance that need to be considered, such as where your pet will eat and drink, where he will sleep and what to play with. Make a list of essentials to help you make sure you have everything you need when the puppy arrives at your home.

Puppy bed

Your puppy needs a lot of rest and sleep to grow properly, so it is very important to provide him with a comfortable bed or playpen as soon as he arrives at your home. The bunk should be placed in a quiet corner where the pet has privacy.

This will help the puppy get used to the new home and make him feel safe when he falls asleep. Choose a mat that is easy to clean, yet thick enough to be comfortable. Perhaps something with the scent of the puppy’s mother should be placed on the bedding to make it easier for him to adapt.

Puppy food and water bowls

It is very important to prepare sturdy food and water bowls as a teething puppy will try to chew anything in its path, so plastic bowls are not suitable for feeding the animal. It is recommended to use stainless steel food and water bowls as they are more hygienic, easy to clean, and do not break or break like ceramic.

Set aside a permanent place for your puppy’s bowls that is quiet and safe so that your pet has a consistent feeding area where no one is disturbed. Better to put a small bowl for food and a large bowl for water.

A brush or comb for grooming the puppy’s coat

You will need a special brush or comb to keep your puppy’s coat healthy and clean. Regular grooming introduces the puppy to human touch. This makes it easier to care for the pet’s coat in the future, as it grows and matures.

There are many dog ​​brushes and grooming gloves available. Grooming tools are designed for a specific coat length, so it is important to choose one that is appropriate for your puppy’s coat.

Puppy toys

Toys will help your puppy socialize and help prevent your pet’s teeth from spoiling furniture. It is important to choose a toy that fits your puppy’s size. The size of the toy should be twice the size of the mouth so that your pet does not choke or suffocate.

Rubber toys for dogs are generally the most durable, but should only be purchased from reputable pet stores or veterinary clinics. Stuffed toys are not very durable, but some of them can withstand the puppy’s play for a relatively long time. Stuffed toys must be machine washable.

It is important to never leave your puppy unattended when playing with rope or cloth toys, as they can create a choking hazard or cause intestinal obstruction. Bones should also not be used as toys, as they can chunk off pieces that can damage internal organs. As soon as your puppy’s toys begin to wear out, you need to dispose of them so that your pet does not have an accident.

Puppy collar

Whether you want a solid or elegant variety, necklaces are important and will be an item you use every day. This means that comfort and fit are important. Experts recommend a space between the dog’s neck and the collar of at least two fingers. A collar should never be too loose or too tight. Make sure you get a good fit and take your dog with you when purchasing a collar.

Puppy leash

Choosing a leash isn’t difficult – you just want to keep in mind that it needs to be strong enough to hold your dog. Leashes are often sold clearly marked with the breeds for which the leash is appropriate.


If your dog is sleeping outside, it is important that he has his own shelter. A dog house will keep your dog out of direct sunlight, rain, or even snow. When choosing a doghouse, try to choose the right size. The dog should be snug indoors with enough room to move.