3 Eternally Hungry Dog Breeds That Can’t Stop Eating


We bring to your attention a selection of three dogs that love to eat and cannot stop in time when there are so many goodies in a bowl!

Cocker Spaniel

A famous food lover is the Cocker Spaniel. He is mobile, energetic, and therefore quickly consumes excess calories. But phlegmatic owners, who do not like long walks, but allow their cocker to eat as much as he wants, instead of an energetic dog grows a clumsy lump with short legs.

Keeping track of your Cocker Spaniel’s diet is very important. After all, he himself will not be able to control the appropriate dosages of his feed. He will eat exactly as much as there will be food in his bowl. After all, the feeling of satiety occurs in representatives of this breed much later than in many other dogs.

Cocker owners should not only keep track of the portions given to the dog, but also ensure it is physically active. Otherwise, the insatiability of the representatives of this breed can play a cruel joke with them.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

Owners of German Shepherds know – no matter how much food you put in a bowl for this dog, he will eat everything and, in a moment, will look at you with a mute reproach: “Is that all?”

There are cases when the owners serve their pet food, measured in buckets, stuffing the ever-hungry shepherd with excess food. And all because they do not understand that this dog often lacks a brake light.

The Sheepdog is able to eat a colossal amount of food, and this applies not only to Germans, but also to Central Asians, Caucasians and other members of the family. But the excessive amount of gastronomic delights stretches the stomach of the animal, provokes obesity, and, consequently, problems with the heart, blood vessels, joints and digestive tract organs.

From childhood, the shepherd should be taught to dosed nutrition strictly at the same time. Check your dog’s diet with an experienced and qualified veterinarian and do not over-feed the dog due to age and physical condition.



And, finally, the dachshund is a dog who is not familiar with the feeling of satiety and can eat so much food that willy-nilly you think: “Lord, where does so much go ?!”

It is noteworthy that within an hour or two after feeding, the dachshund again minces to the bowl, where it suggests finding something tasty.

Moreover, an unpretentious dachshund will suit not only food, meat, but also a piece of cucumber, candy, cookies, banana, etc. And here you need to be careful! After all, not all products that a dachshund can consume are safe for representatives of this breed.

The veterinarian should control the diet of the dachshund, and it is the owner’s task to dose the portions. Keep in mind that an overfed dachshund, which, among other things, also receives unsafe products, can turn into an unhappy and intractable patient at the veterinary clinic.