Everyone made fun of her tattoo and said it was ugly. They didn’t know how important it was

Everyone made fun of his tattoo
Christy Williams

Although tattoos have their supporters and opponents, many of them only have special meaning for their owners. A woman who tattooed a string with knots at the ends on her arm usually received unfavorable opinions about the design on her body. Not everyone understood what pushed her to adopt such a model.

Everyone criticized his tattoo, they didn’t know anything

It may seem that a string with knots at the ends is not the most beautiful design for a tattoo. That’s exactly what most people who saw the drawing on Christa’s hand thought. However, little did they know that there was a touching story behind it that held a special place in his heart.

Anyone who a woman decides to talk about why she decided to get a particular tattoo will immediately look at it in a different way. After revealing its meaning, no one makes fun of her choice and fully appreciates the gesture she made.

Everyone made fun of his tattoo
Christy Williams

This is no ordinary chain

Christy found a ginger cat a while ago and adopted him without hesitation. She didn’t know then that this was how she met her best friend. Mruczek’s name was Bug. He accompanied her in the most important moments of her life, including the saddest. She recently experienced the death of her grandmother, Brenda, who loved sewing and knitting. When she and her relatives went to collect her belongings, at the very top of the box, which she then placed in the guest room, was a string woven by her grandmother.

One day, Bug slipped into the room and came out with a braid between his teeth. Since then, he has accompanied her almost every step of the way. It became his favorite toy and even received its own name – Ropey.

“Bug takes Ropey to the litter box, the food bowl, the bed and his scratching post” – the woman admitted to “The Dodo”.

Everyone made fun of his tattoo
Christy Williams

The tattoo has a hidden meaning

The cat’s owner loved watching the cat play with the string made by her beloved grandmother. That’s why she had the idea to tattoo it. She will associate the pattern not only with the elderly person, but also with their pet.

Most people who see a string on a woman’s forearm do not understand why she chose such a pattern, and some of them even openly claim that it is simply ugly. However, when they learn its meaning, they immediately change their minds. This is a great example of never judging a book by its cover.

“Grandma’s spirit remains alive with us thanks to the love of Bug and Ropey. Ropey is family”, summarizes Christy.

Everyone made fun of his tattoo
Christy Williams

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