Former Special Forces Soldier Is Dedicated To Saving Animals

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

A former Russian Special Forces officer named Alexey Sedoy has led a lonely life for two years. The former soldier has been living in his private sanctuary in the middle of the forest on his farm in the Shakhovskoy district of the Moscow region, and spends his time caring for young moose. Although he is far removed from his past, he has found himself in the middle of a different conflict; a fight against poachers who have already killed five out of 11 baby forest elk.

Thanks to the collaboration of the people, Alexey has managed to raise funds for the construction of a security fence that surrounds part of the park in order to protect a little more the moose of the region. His goal and great dream are to create a sanctuary and rescue center for wild animals where people can visit and admire these animals.

Former special forces soldier is dedicated to saving animals

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

No matter what day of the week it is or if it is a holiday, and even inclement weather, Alexey is completely dedicated to caring for and caring for a baby moose. He always finds a task to help with, and is always on the lookout for what the animal may need.

Now Alexey and his family live off the money he received from the past; he lives in a small house, which is still under construction. He assures that he will first finish the rooms (as he calls the animal space), and last, he and his needs.

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

In an interview with Nat Geo, the man said:

Moose are the biggest artiodactyls in Russia. This is power and strength. In 2004, he first came to Sumarokovo (elk farm in the Kostroma region – Nika Samotskaya), and then I had a dream: to save the elk. Everything is fair with animals: they do not lie to you, they do not betray you. If they love, they will love, whatever happens, and if they don’t like you, they will also let you know immediately.

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

These growing animals must receive food every four hours, the former soldier is very clear that without this care, the baby moose has little chance of survival. So with a lot of love and total commitment, Alexey has assumed his role as mother, father and guardian of the animals of the forest.

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

At the moment, Alexey has under his protection at the sanctuary 4 moose named Agat, Turquoise, Saphira and Yantar, and an 8-month-old wolf. His commitment to the welfare of animals is incredible, and he takes care of keeping everything in order so that they are completely comfortable and safe.

Upon arriving with Alexey, the wolf cub named Buran had serious problems with his gastrointestinal tract that required special care.

Alexey said:

I am glad that Buran is now as he is: young, strong, handsome, content, happy, smiling and mischievous.

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

To provide adequate food for his elk, Alexey is in charge of collecting a little more than 50 kg of branches, he always tries to keep enough food to help these animals stay healthy.

In these years he has also fed other animals that live around the farm.

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

Alexey added:

Also, I feed the squirrels that are around here all the time, a raccoon dog, two minks, two ferrets, a beaver, a wild boar, herons, ducks in summer … I probably won’t list them all.

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

Alexey’s work is truly exemplary and we hope that he will infect many people to protect and care for animals. Thanks to the sanctuary of this former soldier, who found his calling in helping defenseless animals, many moose have found a second chance.

ex special forces soldier dedicated saving animals

You can learn a little more about Alexey’s work by visiting his Instagram account.

Images: Instagram – alexeysedoyrussia / Facebook – Anastasia Dubrava

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