This Cat Is Delighted That This Dog Helps Her Take Care Of Her Kittens

excited cat dog help take care kittens

Laura, a volunteer foster family from the shelter, welcomed an adorable family of felines into her home. Estelle, the mother cat, had given birth to 6 little kittens and at that time she needed to recover and have a comfortable place to raise her little ones.

The kittens at the time were around 4 weeks old and needed 24-hour care. Estelle and her little ones were also looked after as they were suffering from some stomach issues.

Laura told Love Meow:

“Mama cat (Estelle) was quite haggard having gone out of her way to feed six kittens.”

The cat is delighted that this dog helps her take care of her kittens

excited cat dog help take care kittens

Estelle was very happy to have a clean and comfortable bed to take care of her kittens. She enjoyed getting her adoptive mother’s attention and asking for hugs and treats while she rested in the comfort of her new home.

Meanwhile, Raylan, the resident dog, heard about the arrival of the new kittens and was eager and excited to meet them.

Raylan is a sweet and kind boy, who was rescued when he was two years old and since then has been helping his mother take care of small needy animals that come looking for a home. Her patience and love have helped rehabilitate many of the kittens Laura has fostered into her home over the years.

Each time she brings home a new rescue, the dog always offers a helping paw.

excited cat dog help take care kittens

Although Raylan was delighted to meet and greet the feline family, Estelle was a bit withdrawn and wary at first, her protective and maternal instincts being on high alert at the time.

Laura said:

“Mom Estelle is very nice in general, but she is nervous about having such a large dog in her space (which is understandable). Raylan is just being courteous and patient at this point, giving her time and space until he realizes he’s a perfect co-parent.”

excited cat dog help take care kittens

Of course, the dog knew exactly how to gain the trust of a cautious cat like Estelle, so he just waited patiently for her to feel safe by his side.

For their part, the little kittens named Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Monica were instantly captivated by Raylan and moved towards him to catch his attention and play.

The friendly dog ​​was always available for the kittens, having fun bathing them, letting them play with his tail and climb on him quietly. Slowly, Estelle also felt comfortable with him. She watched having fun with her kittens and was relieved to be helped raise her demanding little ones.

Today, Estelle is even very happy to have a friend like Raylan to share the burden of raising her cats. The mother cat has not only found in the dog a wonderful babysitter, but also a wonderful friend to spend the day with.

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Images: Instagram / raylan_the_dog

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