The Dog Is So Excited To See Snow For The First Time That He Has To Show It To His Tiger

excited dog see snow first time

Liz Andersen can always tell that her beloved dog, a 1.5-year-old golden retriever named Captain, adores her gorgeous plush tiger. Ever since he was a little cub, Captain has been obsessed with stuffed tigers, and he’s always let his family know.

When she was little Liz’s daughter had a stuffed white tiger, but as soon as the captain saw it, he claimed it as his own.

Liz told The Dodo:

He destroyed it, sure, but my daughter had another orange tiger and he kept stealing it, so now it’s his.

The dog is excited to see the snow

The dog is excited

From that moment the orange plush tiger has become his inseparable companion and takes him everywhere he is his soul mate.

Liz added:

He always takes it when he’s aroused and wiggles his little butt. He is your best friend.

Captain and Tiger Plush

For various reasons, Capitán’s family had to move from California to Denver, Colorado, and unsurprisingly, the beloved plush tiger joined the movement. The whole family were excited for new adventures, but Liz wanted her little dog to experience all that Colorado had to offer.

Captain watching the snow

They were on the prowl, mostly from the snow, and apparently she didn’t disappoint them as their dog was shocked when he first saw her. Last week fluffy white snowflakes started falling on the patio of the house, and the captain couldn’t believe his eyes.

The little dog started to run and play with the snow, it was something he had never seen in his life and he was fascinated by it.

Liz commented:

He just looked around and, of course, tried to eat a little.

The dog is excited about the snow

But a few minutes later, something strange happened, the captain returned to the door asking to be allowed in, and Liz didn’t understand why. Liz was stunned, but she soon knew what her dog wanted. The captain wanted to share the beautiful experience with his stuffed tiger.

The woman said:

[He] grabbed his tiger, ran away and looked like he was galloping.

dog excited about snow

The captain has made it clear that the best times in life are shared with the people you love, in this case, his best friend. And that is precisely what Captain’s family feels about him, because since arriving he has managed to complete the whole house.

Liz added:

It’s so light and is always there for everyone. We have a son who is autistic and he always goes to him for comfort. He’s the best boy we can have.

Captain and brother

Since that day, Captain has always looked forward to playing in the snow with his teddy bear.

Images: Liz Andersen

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