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Exotic Shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair cat is one of the most popular breeds in the world today. This breed of cat cannot be confused with any other due to its huge bulging eyes. It is a “glamorous” version of Persian cats. Sweet, obedient, calm and plush, but unlike her Persian ancestors, she loves to play.


Exotic Shorthair cat photos

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Physical characteristics

Distinguished by an unusual appearance, the Exotic Shorthair cat is a close relative of the Persian cat. The Exotic Shorthair was bred as an alternative to the frequent grooming Persian cat, the Exotic Shorthair’s short coat is extremely easy to care for. Aside from the fact that Persians and Exotic Shorthair cats have a different coat type, the rest of their standards are similar.

In terms of size, females, like many other breeds, are smaller and lighter than cats at 3-6 kg, while the male can weigh 4-7 kg.


Distinctive features

  • Round head with small ears;
  • The neck of cats is short and wide;
  • The eyes are quite attractive and have a “deer” shape. They make the whole animal heavy and sad;
  • The cat’s nose is flattened, slightly upturned. It has a sharp transition to the forehead;
  • The cheeks of the animal are convex with a pronounced chin. At the same time, the bite of the animal is correct;
  • The soft coat has a voluminous undercoat. It is she who evokes the feeling of “plush” of an exotic short-haired cat;

Character and behavior

Although they look like Persian cats, the Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed is much more curious and active than Persian cats. Despite their chubby appearance, they are not one of the cat breeds you expect to sit on your lap and endear them. They may like to sit on the lap, but they are a breed that wants to spend every moment playing. You will need to buy enough toys for Exotic Shorthair cats. Also, let’s not forget that these cat breeds are extremely athletic and active.

Exotic shorthair cats have an extremely relaxed and careless character. Because of their strong character, even their meows are noble and calm. Exotic Shorthair cat breeds love a lot of attention and love to watch and follow their owners. Living with these cute cats that love attention means having a very pleasant companion. If he has not discovered a warmer place at home, it means he will sleep next to you.

Exotic shorthair cats have more agile intelligence than other cat breeds. They enjoy playing with puzzles and clever toys. Loyal and devoted to their owners, cats love to spend time and play with their owners. If you are busy as owners of cute cats, they also have the capacity to entertain themselves. Cute friends, who also love to play with their toys, will make cute plans in their minds to get their toy from where it is.

Due to their genetic and physical characteristics, they are suitable for living in the house. They do not have a structure suitable for living outside. Also, male Exotic cats are more attached to their owners than females. It is recommended that you have enough toys at home for cat breeds that love to play so much. If you are alone at home, you can relieve your loneliness with this cat.

Relationship with children

Exotic cats are the perfect choice for families with children, as they have a calm nature. Cats who love to spend time with family can form close relationships with children. Exotic shorthair cats, which have very close and good relationships with children, are also in a structure to get along well with other pets. However, for this, cute cats need to be brought up and in relationship with other pets from the time they are kittens.

Moreover, a very close relationship can be established between them. At the same time, they are more likely to follow their pet friend due to their social personality. That’s why you need to keep your cat under control at first when they are with other animals.


Although unusual and beautiful, Exotic Shorthair cats are prone to a range of health issues, many of which are related to the structure of their muzzle. This applies to both pure breeds and mixed breeds.

  • Thermal sensitivity;
  • Polycystic kidney disease (predisposition can be identified by genetic testing);
  • Predisposition to ringworm;
  • Oily seborrhea is a skin condition that causes itching, redness and hair loss;
  • Difficult or too noisy breathing – occurs due to the structure of the muzzle and compressed nostrils;
  • Incomplete dental bite;
  • Inflammation and suppuration of the eyes.

Life expectancy

With the right care, an Exotic Shorthair cat can live 12 to 15 years.


Although they have shorter and brighter coats than Persians, you will need to comb their coats several times a week. It has a structure that can be called very scruffy compared to other cat breeds. Therefore, unlike other cat breeds, Exotics need a bath. The opinion that it is appropriate to bathe exotic cats once a month is quite common. However, after giving your cat a bath, you should make sure to dry it thoroughly. A low temperature hair dryer can be used during the drying phase.

Cats of this breed need regular brushing. It can prevent the formation of germs and bacteria in the mouth. Due to their large eyes, they can experience irritation and destruction from dust. It would be appropriate to do eye care every two weeks. Vaccination schedule should be followed and sterilization should be done when necessary. Regular veterinary checks should be done. Periodically, molt may increase.

History of the breed

In the 1950s, owners of the British Shorthair cat breed turned to Persian cats to obtain cats with green and blue eyes. The aim here was to create a silver British Shorthair cat breed. However, when the kittens look more like Persian cats and have short hair, this cat breed was named Exotic Shorthair cat breed. The Exotic Shorthair cat breed was registered and accepted by the CFA in 1967. Thus, this cat breed took place in our lives with this name.


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