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10 Fascinating Facts About Bengal Cats

Bengal cat
Bengal cat

The Bengal is revered for its beautiful coat and outgoing personality, but this cat is not intended for occasional pet owners. He’s an intelligent and cunning animal that needs attention and is always exploring. A Bengal is a handful, but you can be assured that life with one will never be boring. Continue reading this Pets Feed article to discover 10 impressive facts to know about this unique cat.

Bengal | Information & Cat Breed Facts

Bengal cat
Bengal cat

1. Bengal has wild DNA.

The first Bengals were created by breeding Asian leopard cats with domestic cats. While documentation of the hybrid dates back to the early 1800s, the breed was perfected in the 1980s by Jean Sugden Mill. Over time, breeders like Mill have developed a cat that combines the beauty and grace of a wild cat living in the forest with the temperament of a domestic cat.

2. The Bengal cat loves water.

The threat of getting wet sends most cats in search of shelter, but not the water-loving Bengal cat. This dashing feline will be happy to drink directly from the tap if allowed. A Bengal can even follow its owner in the shower or the bathtub. If you prefer privacy while bathing, be sure to close your door and prepare for a serious meow from your Bengal cat.

3. Bengal needs entertainment.

The Bengal cat is not a typical and lazy domestic cat. He is very intelligent and needs a lot of attention and toys to keep him busy. We are not just talking about stuffed mice. Toys with puzzles to solve are best for a curious cat like the Bengal. If your home lacks entertainment value, your Bengal will likely find their own way of fighting boredom. This can include destroying your electronic equipment or moving on to things it shouldn’t be doing.

Bengal cat
Bengal cat

4. The Bengal cat is an excellent jumper and climber.

Do you think that your Bengal cannot access this 10 foot high ledge where you expose your precious orchids? Think again. The Bengal cat can jump up to three times its height and can easily find a way on just about any shelf or ledge in your home. In addition to its ability to “fly”, it is also an excellent climber and can hide in places where you never imagined it would venture.

5. Bengal can learn tricks.

Because the Bengal is so intelligent and attention-hungry, it is among the easiest cats to train. For example, it is simple to teach a Bengal to play recovery. And one of the simplest tips for teaching Bengal is how to turn the light switches on and off. But be careful. Once a volunteer Bengal cat learns to do so, it may decide that it wants to play with the switches overnight.

6. The Coat of Bengal is “sparkling”.

One of the most attractive qualities of the Bengal cat is its incredibly soft, beautifully speckled or mottled coat. The Bengal coat is available in a variety of colors, from golden brown to gray and black. Some Bengals also inherit what is called the “glitter gene”, which gives their coats a shiny and iridescent appearance. It’s hard to capture in pictures, but a Bengal with this gene will seem to flicker in the sun.

Bengal cat
Bengal cat

7. The Bengal is a little thief.

Having trouble finding your house keys? You may want to cross-examine your Bengal cat. This cute scammer tends to do whatever he wants with the objects in your house that grab his attention. He could pick up something and hide it behind your couch, or decide that the big check you’re supposed to cash would be better in a million little pieces all over the living room floor. Keep your Bengal cat out of your business by providing many cat-friendly toys.

8. The Bengal cat loves the leash.

Putting a leash on most adult cats also means putting several painful scratches on your forearms. A Bengal cat, however, is much easier to train on a leash, even in adulthood. It is recommended that your Bengal be primarily a pet indoors, due to its tendency and incredible ability to hunt birds. However, harness training will allow your Bengal cat to explore the outdoors safely under your watchful eye.

Bengal cat
Bengal cat

9. The Bengals love to “speak”.

Bengal is very vocal and can be noisy when it wants something. A Bengal will certainly tell you when it’s time to eat or play, so before adopting one, make sure you agree with a cat that demands conversation. That said, the Bengal cat’s meow can be quite adorable, expressive and fun to hear.

10. The Bengal cat is quite expensive.

You probably won’t find a Bengal cat roaming the streets. This breed can cost from 500$ to 5,000$ for a cat, depending on the pedigree and if the cat is purebred. There is often a premium paid if the breeding rights come with the cat. That being said, there are many rescue groups in Bengal that can help you find a more affordable pet if you are not picky about brands and age.


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