This Cat Sat In The Same Spot Every Day For Over A Year Waiting For His Family To Return

faithful cat waits family

In Belgorod, southeastern Russia, a faithful cat sits daily on the manhole cover hoping that his family will come back for him after viciously abandoning him, many believe that this is not true and that the The reason he goes to this place is because he is used to people in the neighborhood providing him with food.

The first time this precious cat was photographed was in 2015 and her story was posted by a Facebook user named Ostap Zadunayskiy.

This man claims the cat was abandoned after his family, who lived nearby, left. He also said that many people saw the cat running after his family when they left the house, but he did not stop and never came back, since then he visited this place every days hoping to see them again.

A faithful cat has been waiting for his family for more than a year in the same place

faithful cat waits family

Mr. Zadunayskiy said:

“It’s a prime example of human wickedness and true loyalty to animals.”

Zadunayskiy also praised the kind people in the business who have provided the cat with food and love over the years.

faithful cat waits family

On the other hand, after reading the story, many people on the Internet quoted the sentence from the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Sain-Exupéry, where it says:

“You are forever responsible for what you have tamed”.

faithful cat waits family

There is no reason that justifies abandoning an innocent animal that only has the desire to be loved and to love its favorite people all over the world, this cat is an example of loyalty, if you have a pet at home, take good care of it and never take it away from you.

Images: Ostap Zadunayskiy


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