A Faithful Dog Refuses To Leave His Friend Who Is Taken To The Hospital

faithful dog denies leaving friend hospital

Dr. Igor Paiva Dias and his colleagues at a hospital in Brazil witnessed the loyalty of this dog named Mandraque to his adoptive father. The animal did not abandon his father from the moment he was transferred by ambulance due to an infection and remained in the hospital faithfully waiting for his best friend.

The dog has stayed by her side from the start, walking just over 8km behind an ambulance, refusing to leave the medical facility and walk away from her loved one.

When his adoptive father entered the ward in a wheelchair, the dog made himself comfortable near the door. Fortunately, Mandraque did not wait long.

Loyal dog refuses to leave friend after being hospitalized

Dog waits in a hospital

According to hospital policies, pets are not allowed in, but seeing Mandraque and his show of loyalty, the medical center staff decided to intervene, so when his owner was stable, they decided to let him in. down to where his dog was.

Dr Dias told The Dodo:

The moment the dog saw his owner on the stretcher, he immediately jumped up and started licking and kissing him.

Fortunately, after a few hours, Mandraque’s father was discharged and brought home by ambulance, of course the canine did not abandon his beloved for a moment.

faithful dog refuses to leave his friend in the hospital

Dr. Dias recalls:

[Mandraque] didn’t want to get in the ambulance, so they asked the driver to slow down so the dog could follow. They returned home safe and sound.

Loyal dog refuses to leave his friend in the hospital

For this doctor, the reaction and loyalty of this faithful dog is something he will not easily forget, tending to his patient and then seeing his pet relieved to be able to go home together was an uplifting experience that undoubtedly made him very happy.

Finally the doctor says:

It was really very emotional. The whole health team was moved.

Images: Igor Paiva Dias

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