Faithful Dog Waits Daily for The School Bus with Its Young Owner to Make Sure She Is Safe


Last Updated on November 18, 2020 by Pets Feed

Adorable images that demonstrate the fidelity between a dog and a girl from China have travelled around the world captivating the attention of thousands of people.

The adorable videos of a little white puppy escorting a girl at the bus stop in China have been broadcast on the Internet captivating people’s attention, who cannot believe the incredible connection that has emerged between the two.

This puppy accompanies the girl every morning to the school bus stop and then makes sure she gets into the vehicle safely.

When the afternoon comes, he also goes to the place to pick her up and then they both walk home happily.

Faithful dog waiting young owner bus safe

In the images you can see the very happy puppy wagging his tail as soon as he can perceive that the yellow school bus is approaching.

He has become a star on the Internet after the little girl’s mother decided to share the videos on China’s Douyin platform.

Faithful dog waiting young owner bus safe

In the first video, you can see the pet quite excited to see the bus approaching, later a teacher is seen getting off the bus to help the girl get on while the dog walked happily around both of them.

In another video, you can see the dog watching the little girl as she gets on the bus and then watching the dog walk away.

Faithful dog waiting young owner bus safe

The girl’s mother, who calls herself ‘Yu Xi Ma Ma’ in Douyin, claims that the puppy does this every day and that she decided to share with the world this act of fidelity and protection.

According to Daily Mail, the woman expressed:

“Although it is only a puppy, it can make out the sound of a school bus. It does this every morning and afternoon for my daughter”.

Faithful dog waiting young owner bus safe

In another video it is possible to see the very excited puppy trying to get on the bus to welcome the girl after her classes in kindergarten.

Faithful dog waiting young owner bus safe

Currently all these videos have gained thousands of views and dozens of followers.

One of the users of the platform commented:

“Dogs understand everything. They just can’t speak”.

Faithful dog waiting young owner bus safe

For her part, another user said:

These guys are smart and loyal. You give them food and they remain faithful to you all their lives ».

Photos: Douyin / 76457104