Family Finds Abandoned Kitten With The Cutest Appearance

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

After arriving from a football match, Mia Ibáñez heard several meows while talking to her mother. The family home has a giant field in the back, so Mia and her mother decided to go outside to find out what it was.

Mia told The Dodo:

“We went out into the garden and turned on a flashlight. All we could see was a little black thing in the field, so we climbed over the fence and found the kitten we named Jinx.”

Family finds kitten with unique appearance

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

It was clear that Jinx was crying out desperately for help, so they took her home to give her the attention she needed. Once there they wrapped her in a soft blanket to keep her warm and gave her food, they all promised to help her until she was better.

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

But they soon realized that the kitten was meant to be a new member of the family and would stay there forever. Despite what she had been through, little Jinx seemed to be fine, but the next day they noticed that her eyes were larger than normal. Also, she had some characteristics that made her different from other cats, so they decided to take her to the vet for a medical check.

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

Mia commented:

“I wasn’t sure if it was just because she was a kitten (I haven’t had a kitten in years), but originally I thought her eyes were really big, over time, I realized that her feet were also very weak. I expected her to transform, but it never happened!”

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

The vet said Jinx was completely healthy, had no unusual problems, and her peculiar appearance was due to birth defects. She also commented that there was a chance that her appearance was the product of the side effects of being dropped so young.

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

But, the most important thing was to be able to know that said physical condition did not prevent him from having a normal life, even if he looked a little different from the others. Jinx has grown up and her eyes are still huge, her little feet are pointing sideways, and her mouth and nose are a little weird too.

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

Her physical appearance is unique and looks more like an alien than a cat, but she is still adorable and her family accepts her as she is.

Mia added:

“Honestly, I was happy when she [never turned into them] because I like weird animals. I think they make her even more adorable. People are usually surprised when I show them that. Usually, people laugh a lot.

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

Mia proudly presents her peculiar pet, especially since she always manages to bring a bit of joy to the people she meets. Despite their differences, everyone loves her and her family is happy that people accept her the way they did.

Jinx is like any other cat, although she sometimes believes she is actually a human. He loves to play and experience hundreds of misdeeds; he follows his humans everywhere and always lets them know what he wants.

family finds abandoned kitten adorable appearance

Jinx doesn’t know she’s different, she doesn’t even care to know because no matter what, she’ll always be the perfect cat for her family.

If you want to follow Jinx, you can do so through Instagram.

Images: Instagram / bigfootjinx

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