Family Finds Newborn Kitten On The Street: The Next Day They Find Out It Wasn’t What It Seemed

family finds newborn kitten on the street find out it wasn t what it seemed

A Thai family found a newborn kitten right outside their house. The man, after checking that his mother was not nearby, decides to pick him up and take him home. The little one needed maternal care, so in the absence of the mother, they had to take care of the kitten, feed it and keep it warm. But, on closer inspection, one of the members doubted that it was not a simple kitten, indeed, by consulting professionals, they discovered that it was a cat newborn fisherman.

Newborn kitten turns out to be a little fishing cat

It takes place in Thailand, where a man notices the presence of a newborn cat, just outside his window. Before picking him up and bringing him home, check that he is alone and that his mother is not nearby. Unfortunately the kitten was alone and not even the shadow of its mother. Thus, all family members take care of the kitten, keep him warm and feed him with warm milk every two hours.

However, upon closer inspection, one of the family members suspects the species of the animal. According to the man, it was not just a domestic kitten, so he decided to call the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) who, after observing the little one, informed him that the kitten was a fishing cat puppy. .

fishing cat
garten-gg – Pixabay

It is an endangered species, which is why the WFFT keeps it and takes care of the baby, because the survival of a single specimen is essential. This animal lives in the waters of Southeast Asia, is twice the size of a normal cat and loves to eat fish that it catches in river waters. The cause of declining populations is due to climate change and illegal hunting. We must take care of the environment, not only for ourselves, but also to safeguard all animal species.

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