Family Moves To A New House And Finds Kittens In The Barn

family moved new house found kittens included

A family that moved into a new home in the countryside in Canada discovered that it included several adorable kittens living in their barn.

A family moved earlier this year to a new home in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Canada. Their new home in the country was amazing, and they soon discovered that it was accompanied by naughty kittens, who seem to have been living in their barn for a while now.

Joanie, the owner of the place and her family, knew that winter was approaching and that in Canada, they are relentless. So, they quickly left warm shelters for the cats in the barn while they sought help in finding them a new home.

The idea was to sterilize the mother to avoid a future pregnancy and also find a place for her little ones. The woman contacted Chatons Orphelins Montreal, a shelter more than 700 kilometers away, after no one offered to help the cat family.

The family moved into a house and discovered it included kittens

rescued kittens

Céline Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal told Love Meow:

“She contacted veterinarians and shelters in Abitibi but found no one to help her. We are therefore committed to welcoming them.”

naughty feline

After setting a trap in the barn, one of the little kittens came inside. He was a bit shy, his name was Jules, and his brothers were more elusive. Jules sat up quickly and put aside his shyness when offered food and pampering.

Beatiful Kitty

Joanie was still looking to entice the rest of the feline family, so a volunteer offered to take Jules to the shelter in Montreal where he would receive the help he needed.

Celine said:

“Jules did very well during her long trip to the vet and went to her foster family to socialize.”

rescued kitten

The little kitten met his future adoptive mother, Marie-Lyne, who immediately offered him hugs, and Jules was delighted to accept. Now the former barn cat was happy to be pampered and swaddled like a baby.

Celine added:

“He quickly discovered that the feather toys were fun to play with and even befriended the resident cats.”

beautiful feline baby

A few days later, the remaining kittens, Junot and Jass, were also brought to safety and reunited with their brother Jules after being seen by the vet and found to be in perfect condition.

lovely feline

Joanie not only rescued the little cats, but she also located the little ones’ mom and dad and is working hard to sterilize them both quickly.

New house with kittens

Mom and dad cat will continue to live in the barn and will now have the protection of Joanie’s family, who will make sure to provide them with food and a warm shelter in winter. For their part, the little kittens are already together in the foster home.

shy kitty

Celine said:

“Yesterday the kittens were reunited with their foster family. Jass was very shy after the ordeal and all the changes, but Junot has already started playing and running around the house with his brother Jules.”

kittens brothers

While Junot quickly joins in and follows Jules’ lead, Jass prefers to watch everything and stay in a safe space; You will slowly explore the place.

cat in foster home

The day of the little ones passes between eating and playing with the other felines of the place or taking comfortable naps and purring carefree.

kitten playing

Jules is the most active and outgoing, he is generally talkative and enjoys being with people; he often encourages his siblings to play and watch the birds through the window.

From now on, these kittens will no longer have to worry about anything or prepare for winter. Soon they will find warm homes where they will receive all the love they deserve.

The new house family of cats

You can learn more about the work of the Chatons Orphelins Montreal shelter on their Facebook account.

Images: Facebook / Chatons Orphelins Montréal – COM

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