A Family In Tears When They See Their Dog A Year Later Who Was Thought To Be Dead

family tears see dog year later thought dead

Love for our pets is one of the strongest and purest bonds we can have in life. They are part of our family and give us unconditional love and boundless loyalty. So when something happens to them, it can be devastating.

The story of a family from Texas, USA, and their pit bull, Juicee, is an example of how love and perseverance can carry us through adversity and bring us joy. unexpected, especially after believing for almost a year that their beloved pet had been found dead, according to what a neighbor assured them.

A family in tears when they see their long-lost dog

family tears see dog year later thought dead

With little else to do there, and probably also wanting to put the grief of Juicee’s loss behind them, the clan decided to move to Miami. However, his friends were still in the same city as always and connected with community news.

So one day they saw a photo of the dog in the Cubanos de Austin Facebook group. Almost not believing what they were looking at, they started reading the post and realized she was clearly not dead and they had been looking for adopters for over 300 days.

family tears see dog year later thought dead

They immediately broke the incredible news to the family, who with great anxiety and some fear decided to drive 20 hours to their old town to find their beloved Juicee.

“They just couldn’t believe it. They really thought she was dead. There were a lot of tears… They went straight to Miami with her,” Kelsey Cler, marketing and communications manager for the Austin Animal Center, the shelter where the dog was staying, told The Dodo.

family tears see dog year later thought dead

“Juice was SO HAPPY! No doubts or tactile sensitivity with her family: she was above them and they were above her. A story that shows us the importance of identifying our pets. If the dog had had his chip or a tag, he probably wouldn’t have spent so much time alone waiting for them.

Images: Mascotas de Austin / Austin Animal Center

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