A family took an elderly dog to the vet to have her euthanized. “She keeps peeing on the floor… then a rescuer steps in to save her life

family took dog vet euthanized
Facebook.com / Old Dog Home

Melissa Conyers lives in a large house in Georgia. It was she who, out of love for animals, started a rescue operation called Old Dog Home. This initiative has only one objective: to help elderly and sick dogs regain the joy of living. For years, this woman has made the dreams of many four-legged seniors come true. He puts a lot of energy and heart into it. His work is really appreciated! One day, Holly, a dog who miraculously escaped death, crosses his path.

The woman is the heroine of old and sick dogs

It’s impossible to describe how much Melissa loves dogs. She dedicated her whole life to them when she transformed her huge house into the Old Dog Home – the headquarters of a wonderful initiative through which she supports elderly and sick dogs.

Every day, the dreams of many dogs who were previously doomed to suffering or even death come true. The woman is definitely an animal heroine. As she says:

“We give dogs the opportunity to be rehabilitated and then adopted. We do everything to ensure they succeed. We want to give each of them a chance for love and family in the last years of their lives. For dogs that are too old or too sick, we will be their family. They will live here until their time comes.” – said Melissa.

family took dog vet euthanized
Facebook.com / Old Dog Home

It’s touching what Melissa does for dogs. It brings tears to my eyes. She is truly an extraordinary person! Her patients thank her at every step by wagging their tails and licking her. It’s wonderful that in the last years of their lives they have their own place where they feel loved and cared for.

“I want to put her to sleep, I don’t want to take care of her anymore.”

One day, the woman received a worrying phone call from a friendly veterinary clinic cooperating with Old Dog Home. She was informed that their client had brought his elderly dog in to be put down because, as he put it, he “didn’t want to take care of her anymore.”

She gave the dog a second chance

When Melissa heard this, she was shocked! She couldn’t believe that someone would abandon their beloved dog just like that and for such a reason! Unfortunately, people are different, so she knew that even though her place was already full, there had to be room for Holly. She could not allow the dog to be euthanized! As it turned out later, the dog is about 10-12 years old and is truly wonderful!

family took dog vet euthanized
Facebook.com / Old Dog Home

Old doesn’t mean worse!

After its original owner passed away, it was passed from house to house until it ended up in Melissa’s hands. As her last guardian said, they didn’t want her anymore because they had two other dogs, and Holly pees on the floor all the time, and the grandkids don’t care about her. It’s terribly sad…

“Holly is a wonderful dog, full of joy, at the clinic she stood and looked at us, constantly wagging her tail. My true calling in life is to show people that “old” doesn’t mean “dead.” Older dogs still have love to give. They deserve a chance to start a family as much as any young dog.” – Melissa said.

family took dog vet euthanized
Facebook.com / Old Dog Home

When the time is right and Holly is physically and emotionally healed, Melissa will find her a loving home where she will be pampered and loved for the rest of her life. He deserves it like no other!

“And then I’ll have another vacancy and rescue another old abandoned dog that no one wants.” – added Melissa.

Reading Mélissa’s words and seeing what she does, we are overwhelmed with emotion. She truly is a wonderful woman!

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