The Family Wanted To Adopt Two Kittens, But Couldn’t Leave A Third Of The Litter Behind

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

A family seeking to adopt two kittens after losing their two pets due to their age finally brought home three beautiful kittens as they couldn’t leave one of the rescued feline sisters behind.

The three kittens after being rescued in the city of Kentucky, moved to Meow Parlor, an animal rescue center located in New York City. The idea was that they would have a second chance at life, and at eight weeks old they were almost ready to find a forever home.

Molly, a local volunteer, met the kittens and decided to take them under her wing, quickly discovering their incredible personalities.

Family seeking to adopt kittens take on three

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

As soon as they got into Molly’s car, one of the kittens had a lot to say and started meowing, and soon her sisters picked up the chorus.

Molly told Love Meow:

“Hattie (long haired tabby) seemed like a bit of a diva, making all of her wishes known loud and clear.”

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

When they arrived at their new home, the three kittens (Hattie, Ginny and Lucy), got out of the cage and began to explore the whole place for hours. None of the kittens were shy, and from the start they demanded a lot of attention, petting, and they played jogging in all parts of the house.

They also ate their appetites before settling into a comfy bed for the night as a cute threesome.

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

Molly said:

“They got out of the multiple cat beds I had made for them and jumped straight into my bed. They slept there every night of their stay.”

Over the summer, the adoption process became very slow, so Molly knew it would be difficult to find them a forever home.

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

Especially because they were three sisters, they would therefore need a home where they could welcome them without having to be separated and could live in peace. Or at least, that they adopt two of them and that another household with a cat as a pet takes care of adopting the remaining kitten.

While they waited, each morning Hattie would jump out of bed to look for her favorite toy and her two sisters followed her to join in the fun.

Molly added:

“The three kittens loved to play in their tunnel, fight and chase each other around my apartment.”

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

When they got tired of playing, they usually snuggled up in Molly’s bed or one of her beds for a break. Molly really expected a triple adoption miracle to happen, but she was aware that it would be very difficult for anyone to decide to adopt them.

Fortunately, a few days later, Molly welcomed a family who reached out to say they were interested in adopting the beautiful trio of kittens.

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

Molly shared:

“I tried not to hope too much because a lot can happen during the adoption process.”

Apparently the family were looking to adopt just two kittens to replace their two deceased pets, but when they saw the kittens they fell in love. They couldn’t imagine separating the sisters, and when they had a virtual encounter with the kittens, they were more convinced that they should adopt them.

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

Molly commented:

“A few days later, the adoption was finalized. What is more special is that the adopter is a fifth grade teacher like me.”

Now the renowned kittens (Teddy, Rose and Rain) are having the life they deserve and thriving alongside their loving new family.

The sisters spend their days playing around the house, providing unlimited feline entertainment, sleeping like champions and being very exploratory.

family wanted to adopt two kittens takes third

The best thing is that they have two human brothers, and usually their whole family that gives them the love they always wanted.

Images: Instagram/ nycfosterkittens

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