Cat With Facial Condition Is A Social Media Sensation

Fedya russian cat Shocked face

In the world of the internet and especially social media, pets tend to monopolize everyone’s attention, especially dogs and cats. These adorable creatures are filled with thousands and thousands of likes in every post their “owners” make. In the past few hours, a new star has appeared on TikTok that has gone viral.

Fedya, a little cat from Russia who makes all Internet users fall in love not only for his funny facial expression, but also for his touching story.

This is Fedya, the cat with the permanently shocked face

Fedya russian cat Shocked face

The owner of the @fedja_kot account on TikTok and Instagram is Natalya, a young Russian woman who was surprised one day in her garden with a cat giving birth to two kittens. One of them was Fedya, a weak creature with an obvious eye problem.

Fedya russian cat Shocked face

Natalya knew how difficult it would be for someone to adopt him like this and decided to keep him. Fortunately, another cat from the neighborhood named Krasavchik decided to help him and started taking care of Fedya as if he were her father. The three have created a beautiful family nucleus which, of course, has put networks at their feet.

“For us, it’s a regular, simple cat with a unique appearance, nothing more,” Natalya said in an interview with Bored Panda.

Fedya russian cat Shocked face

The affectionate photos of Krasavchik and Fedya, as well as the funny memes created with the famous “surprised cat” were shared by all possible social networks and even wowed Russian media which echoed this sympathetic feline, and they didn’t could not avoid making their story known in various television programs, in which they shared their videos.

Fedya russian cat Shocked face

“He is inseparable from Krasavchik,” Natalya said. “They are best friends. “

In addition to the problem with her eyes, Fedya has allergies and coordination difficulties, caused by complications in her hind legs. The owner claims that they have not been able to find the cause of the disease, but have improved their health.

Fedya russian cat Shocked face

Fedya is now, in addition to the most beloved cat in the networks, a healthy, strong and intelligent pet, thanks to the love of Natalya who did not hesitate to welcome him and bring him to life.

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