Feeding A Rottweiler : Adults And Puppies


Feeding a rottweiler puppy:

Rottweiler puppies of our kennel are raised on mixed feeding, which implies the use of both professional dry food and natural food.

The fact is that in the process of growing a Rottweiler puppy it is very important that the puppy always receives all vitamins and minerals in accordance with its age and weight, i.e. on time and in the right dosage. Thus, using professional dry food, we have peace of mind that our Rottweiler puppy will receive everything in the right amount and on time. BUT! As the practice of our Rottweiler kennel has shown, a Rottweiler grown using only dry food does not look so “natural”, with a gloss, like dogs raised using natural food.

There is another point. If dry food contains the entire balance of vitamins and minerals and I bother calculating the proportions of fortified feeding, then if we feed only natural food, then for the harmonious growth of our Rottweiler puppy, we will have to be puzzled by this scientific question.

Feeding a Rottweiler rule 1: try not to feed remains of the human ration to the dog!

Based on this, we should raise and keep the dogs on mixed feeding.

We do not believe that this is the ideal food for all dogs in the world, but we strongly advise all our Rottweiler owners to use this method of feeding. Let our dogs grow not on canned food, but on natural, fresh natural food from meat, porridge, cottage cheese and vegetables, but using dry food.

Unlike dogs that only eat dry foods, mixed-fed dogs have light colored urine and a healthy, soft pink tongue. They explained it as simply as possible, but that’s exactly how it is.

Feeding Rottweiler

Feeding A Rottweiler puppy: Mixed feeding ration:

  • Dry food (our dogs are raised and kept on the professional EUKANUBA food)
  • Chicken or turkey meat or lean beef
  • Rice-buckwheat porridge (of course, you can separately)
  • Cottage cheese (purchased or homemade)

Feeding a Rottweiler rule 2: don’t let the dog off the table!

Rottweiler puppy feeding procedure:

The first week should be left in the diet ONLY DRY FOOD!!! Why? Because moving is somehow stressful for the Rottweiler puppy. And under stress, the puppy’s stool can weaken a little. Without introducing anything new and letting the puppy get comfortable and understand that he is AT HOME, we give only what the puppy is used to and what is least likely to cause loosening of the stool, namely soaked dry food. Please take our advice! We only want the best for our puppies. The feeding schedule will be the same as it was: three times a day.

After a week, provided that you see that the Rottweiler puppy has got used to it, the stool is good, you can gradually introduce new components, namely, first rice porridge, then homemade cottage cheese (see the method of its preparation below), finely chopped meat, then stewed vegetables. But don’t rush to add everything at once. They gave one – look for two days. If the chair is ok, then keep adding. Then you try the next component.

The puppy should be fed three times a day from the moment of picking up from the breeder until the age (tentatively) of 6 months.

  1. 9:00 Soaked dry food + porridge + chopped boiled meat
  2. 15:00 Soaked dry food + cottage cheese + porridge
  3. 20:00 Soak dry food + porridge + chopped meat + vegetables
  4. Any meat should be boiled well and skimmed
  5. The food must be soaked by pouring either boiled, cold water, or whey from cottage cheese
  6. Porridge needs to be boiled very well. In this way, we increase the digestibility of the porridge by the dog.

How to make homemade cures?

Bring 1 liter of 3.2% milk to a boil, then turn the fire to a minimum, add an ampoule (or a tablespoon) of calcium gluconate – then, stirring with a spoon, slowly pour in kefir in a thin stream. As soon as we saw that the milk began to curdle, turn off the fire under the pan and leave the cottage cheese to cool.

No need to separate curd from whey! Just mix with feed.

Feeding a Rottweiler rule 3: it’s better if your rottweiler lies in its place while you are eating!

How does a rottweiler puppy drink?

The puppy should always have access to water. The water should not be very cold and always boiled! This is especially important for Rottweilers living in cold weathers. If you have good water in the city, then you can use water settled in a jug or filtered.

Feeding Rottweiler

Feeding A Rottweiler : adult?

An adult Rottweiler (after 6 months of age) should be fed twice a day. We recommend feeding the Rottweiler in the morning (at a time convenient for you) and in the afternoon, and it is better if this happens no later than 18:00. It is better for digestion and allows the body to “rest” at night.

Feeding a Rottweiler rule 4: it is better not to admit the rottweiler to the kitchen at all! let this be a forbidden area!

Feeding Rottweiler

Feeding A Rottweiler: The diet:

  • Soaked dry food
  • Chopped poultry or beef (preferably as stringy as possible)
  • Rice-buckwheat porridge (well boiled)
  • Cottage cheese 2 times a week
  • You can add vegetables stewed in sunflower oil (carrots, onions, pumpkin, zucchini)

– No need to give dogs cabbage, potatoes, beets, peppers!

– no need to salt the dog’s food!

– Fruit can be given to dogs in the form of a treat, which means in small quantities. We give fruit to dogs because we want to, and dogs often want to eat what we eat.