Fido: The Dog Who Waited For His Owner For 14 Years


Have you ever wondered why many people often call their dogs Fido? Even the former president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, had a dog with that name.

The Romans have named their Fido dogs for centuries. The name translates literally “I am faithful” in Latin. The title might seem true for dogs, as these animals are renowned for their unwavering loyalty.

A famous Italian dog, it is by chance, was called Fido, made the headlines and even has a statue in his honor.

Fido faithful Italian dog 14 years

In the early 1940s, Carlo Soriani worked as a laborer in Luco di Mugello, a small town in Borgo San Lorenzo, in the Tuscany province of Florence, Italy.

In the winter of 1941, Soriani was returning home, after the bus stop, he found a sickly puppy lying injured on the side of the road. Caring for the animal, Soriani decided to take him home.

Soriani and his wife decided to adopt the dog and call him Fido. They took care of him, and in return, Fido was always grateful. The mixed breed dog has developed a very special relationship with Carlo Soriani. He would follow him to the bus stop in the morning and wait all day for Soriani to return on the evening bus. Every time they were together after a long day, Fido greeted him with the greatest love. This routine continued for the next two years and everyone in town knew about it.

On December 30, 1943, Borgo San Lorenzo was bombed by Allied forces. The factories were hit and many workers, including Soriani, died. On the night of his death, Fido showed up at the bus stop to wait for Soriani’s return. After Carlo did not appear, Fido returned home with a broken heart.

For the next fourteen years, Fido kept coming to the same place, waiting and hoping for the long-awaited meeting with his owner. In total, Fido waited 5,000 times at the bus station for his best friend to come home.

Fido faithful Italian dog 14 years
Photo / Dante square and monument to Fido.

The media’s interest in the dog has grown throughout his life. Two Italian magazines, Gente and Grand Hotel, published the story of Fido, who met amazed readers. Everyone who has read Fido’s story has been moved by his extraordinary fidelity. One of them was the mayor of Borgo San Lorenzo, who awarded Fido a gold medal in front of many citizens, including the widow of Soriani.

In 1957, a ceramic statue of the famous Italian dog Fido was built. After being destroyed by vandals, the city ordered a bronze statue built by Salvatore Cipolla. The statue continues to stand to this day.

Fido faithful Italian dog 14 years
‘To Fido, An Example of Faithfulness.’
Fido faithful Italian dog 14 years
‘To Fido, An Example of Faithfulness.’
Fido faithful Italian dog 14 years
The sculptor, the mayor, Fido, and Soriani’s widow, 1957.

Fido died in the summer of 1958 from natural causes. His remains were buried in front of the cemetery where Carlo Soriani was buried.

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