Firefighter Saved A Dog’s Life From A Fire By Giving Him Mouth-To-Mouth Mouth For 20 Minutes

firefighter saved dog fire mouth-to-mouth mouth

Andrew Klein is a firefighter from Santa Monica, Calif. Who didn’t give up until he saved a dog from a blaze. Now this story is known thanks to a photographer who was passing by.

A fire broke out in the apartment building where Marley lives with his human mother, trapping the dog inside the apartment. Billy Fernando, a portrait photographer, was passing by just as the firefighters were running towards the burning structure, so he decided to stay to see what had happened and then he saw how Andrew saved the dog Marley.

Fernando told The Dodo:

As I stood outside I saw the firefighter running on the grass and saw he was carrying something. I didn’t know what it was, but I realized it was. a pet that had been caught in the fire. The dog was unconscious, he was not moving.

firefighter saves dog life during fire

After trying to resuscitate the dog using an oxygen mask, it became clear that more drastic measures were needed.

Fernando added:

A minute later, he started to practice CPR on the dog. It was an awesome time.

The dog’s mother watched as the firefighter continued to fight for Marley’s life. “She looked at him in horror,” Fernando said. “She was terrified the dog couldn’t do it.”

Firefighter saves dog

And although the firefighter looked exhausted, he refused to give up. Surprisingly, after 20 minutes of resuscitation, the dog began to move slowly. Marley’s mother wasn’t the only one breathing a sigh of relief. Marley began to regain his strength and seemed out of immediate danger.

Fernando continued:

The owner was crying, everyone was very happy with the end, we are very proud of the efforts of Andrew Klein of the Santa Monica Fire Department.

Firefighter saves dog fire

He added :

Firefighters have always been a role model for me, and I deeply admire them for what they do for the community. Being able to see this moment was truly a privilege!

After a few days, Marley was very grateful that Andrew had saved her life. A moving story of the love that exists between humans and animals, and what we are able to do to save them.

Images: Billy Fernando

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