Fires in Australia: Brave dog saves flock of sheep


A brave Border Collie dog surrounded a flock of sheep and chased them from a fire that was heading to their farm in Australia.

Patsy defied forest fires on New Year’s Eve as her farm caught fire in the city of Corryong in Victoria, Australia.

Although the flames were approaching their farm, Patsy and her owner ventured to make sure the sheep were as safe as possible.

Border Collie owner’s sister Cath Hill shared a photo of the “ brave dog ” on social media, where she said that Patsy helped gather the herd and lead them to the “safest corner” of the farm ” .

Thanks to the hard work of Patsy and her owner, almost all of the sheep were saved from the fire.

The Border Collie post has been shared thousands of times since Cath shared it on social media, so the sister is taking the opportunity to ask for donations to help fight the wildfire crisis.