Woman Creates The First Hospice For Animals Where Older Dogs Spend Their Last Days


A woman who resides in Scotland, decides to create the first hospice for animals in the world, so they can enjoy their last days

Thinking about the animals needy and abandoned advanced age, a woman decided to create the first hospice for animals in the world on a remote part of Scotland, with the only goal of enjoying good life in her last days.

Alexis Fleming always had the idea in the head of helping the animals, but when the beloved dog of her rescued from her died, she got the impulse to do it. The hospice opened its doors in 2016, and since then has housed a large number of elderlies, abandoned and terminal diseases.

Alexis said to Mirror:

It was really a ridiculous idea because she had been very sick and had gone through such a horrible pain for losing Maggie, but the idea was there, and she was always going to bother me until she did something about it.

Woman creates the first hospice for animals

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

The woman recently wrote a book called No Life Too Small, where she describes the moment when she met Maggie by accident on the Internet. When she was sailing through different social networks, Alexis found a publication where they offered a tabby Bullmastiff that caught her attention.

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

The dog could be seen very sad, she was thin and it seemed that she did not have a good life, besides, they asked for 100 euros for the sale of her. At that time, she Alexis was not in a position to take care of a dog, but the story of the dog moved her and she could not turn her back.

Alexis commented:

I had to change all my life, but it’s just what I had to do. It was never a debate.

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

Alexis gave Maggie a safe and happy home, and Maggie supported her as she fought against a chronic illness. They created a great bond and enjoyed the company of it, and when Maggie died of lung cancer, the woman was completely devastated and sad.

Although Maggie was sick, her death was unexpected, then Alexis resumed the idea of ​​opening the hospice of animals.

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

Since then, Alexis directs the first hospice for animals in the world called Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice, in honor of her beloved dog.

Most of the resident animals of the place, have had to endure several abuse by their previous owners, but now they can be at peace. In addition, many are animals abandoned by their age or because they are sick, but fortunately they arrived at the hospice, to enjoy their lives.

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

In this place they reside more than 100 rescued animals and, although it may seem like chaos, it is a quiet place full of happiness. The occupants vary a lot of species; There are dogs, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, birds and other animals that enjoy good life.

But everything is not perfect because most of the animals welcomed, enjoy their last days and they have to deal with death.

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

Alexis added:

If we accept life, then we have to accept death. It is an inevitable and, in fact, it can be something really beautiful. It’s going to happen, and we can all make the death of someone something beautiful …

People think that Alexis does not have a very close relationship with her animals, to avoid greater sadness at the time of saying goodbye to her, but it is the opposite. She with all hospice animals. She has a special relationship, and she could not imagine her life without the presence of any of them.

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

In fact, Beggins died recently, a great Danish who had been rescued from a garden after being abandoned and almost dying of hunger.

Alexis Account:

He was a cleptomaniac, he spent the days angrily angling people, running over, stealing and thinking that he is the funniest type of the world. He spent absolutely great here, but one day he looked at me and said that he was over, and I said ‘he is fine, friend’.

Living that moment is still devastating for Alexis, but she feels calm for having made her unforgettable and beautiful period of her last days.

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

You have to know the animals well to know when they are ready to leave, and it is a treatment that Alexis is done with each resident. That is the goal of the hospice, since it is not about arranging the past of animals, but about doing something to enjoy its present.

There are many people, friends and family, who come to help Alexis, but she has practically directed the hospice by herself.

First Hospice Senior Dogs Spend last Days

This means long days of work, but despite her fatigue, she is happy to receive the samples of thanks from her animals.

The place is not perfect, the animals die and, sometimes, is quite traumatic, but it is an excellent way to live to help others.