Five Fun “Wrinkled” Dog Breeds


Agree, dear dog lovers, how cute and charming dogs look with funny skin folds – wrinkles! Some shriveled purebred dogs at one time were very fashionable and, accordingly, in short supply. The price was not pleasing … And yet, as our British and Spanish colleagues believe, folds-wrinkles are a sign of dog’s tenderness and beauty, no more and no less. Let’s agree with them and at the same time take a look at a selection of five dog breeds with folds on the muzzle.

Special dogs

Such amusing folds-wrinkles, as you know, do not appear in dogs with age or from old age, as one might think. Many people look at photos of dogs and wonder why Shar Pei and other breeds have folds? First of all, they arise due to a genetic predisposition due to the high content of so-called hyaluronic acid in the body. It is she who is “responsible” for such an interesting, fleshy and deep folds of the skin. By the way, mimic wrinkles in dogs also happen, just like in humans, but today we are not talking about them – but about those charming folds that drive fans of these breeds crazy.

Let’s make a reservation right away: breeds of dogs with wrinkles on the face require care. It is not enough to handle skin folds carefully and carefully. Some of your rough interventions can lead to unpleasant, even painful sensations in pets.

So, do you like dogs with “wrinkles”? Then meet: the wrinkled dogs.

Five Fun Wrinkled Dog Breeds Shar Pei

Shar Pei

We did not hesitate for a second which breed to put in first place. Shar Pei are not only the owners of deep folds and wrinkles. They, these very folds are their calling card. Many animal lovers are overwhelmed by the feeling of affection from just looking at these wonderful dogs, especially their puppies. The breed is originally from China. A large dog with folds is absolutely not a toy, as it seems to uninitiated people. Shar Pei are devoted and loving creatures. Having got yourself such a dog, study in advance the peculiarities of keeping puppies and adult dogs. Do not under any circumstances dismiss the nurse. Dogs only respect a firm hand. Let the puppy understand right away that you are the owner.

Dogs with wrinkles, despite their image of teddy bears, are quite wayward creatures who hardly survive interference in their own living space. In addition, their magical and very delicate skin with folds will require professional additional care – a myriad of harmful bacteria gather between the wrinkles, which actively multiply in a humid environment.

Wrinkled Dog English bulldog

English bulldog

An honest and loyal, purely British dog, a character in many children’s cartoons, and not always positive. The dog is often portrayed as brave and reckless, even reckless, which, in principle, is far from the truth. In life, English Bulldogs are exemplary family men, reliable and calm. They are very friendly with children of all ages. The peak of happiness for the English Bulldog is to lie down with your beloved owner on the couch and be in this serene state for as long as you like – until you ask from the couch. The animals are beautiful, but they are still not for everybody’s appearance. We are interested in their cool folds on the face of the English Bulldog. In turn, the muzzles have a characteristic bite, which gives the breed a somewhat ferocious, even gangster look.

Five Fun Wrinkled Dog Breeds Pug


Many do not know the name of the breed of dogs with a wrinkled muzzle. And the name is simple – these are pugs. They are simply touching with their fabulous wrinkles on their foreheads. Due to the nasal fold, pugs have the impression that they are constantly surprised by something, deep in thought or worried. Deceptive impression, we will notice right away!

Small, wrinkled dogs are active, playful and always in high spirits. Some researchers classify small pugs as the happiest dogs in the world, who are always happy with everything. Probably the way it is! For this reason, pugs are recommended even for novice dog lovers.

Wrinkled Dog Neapolitan mastiff

Neapolitan mastiff

A majestic dog with noble folds-wrinkles on the face resembles an oriental sage who has learned the secrets of the universe. The owner of a large and truly golden heart! By the way, like the Shar Pei, the Neapolitan Mastiff has folds, albeit less pronounced, all over the body. The coat of these dogs is unusually soft to the touch, and one wants to snuggle up to such a pet as tightly as possible.

The breed is famous, we note, for increased salivation – always carry a bib handkerchief with you. And in all other respects – the breed is beautiful. Trust her boldly, both yourself and your children.

Five Fun Wrinkled Dog Breeds Bullmastiff


The breed is sometimes rightly called the “gentle giant”. A curious fact – the larger your pet, the less aggressive it is, always obedient and friendly with its owners.

It is very important to start raising the dog right away and correctly. In full accordance with science. This is a guarantee of its reliable and predictable behavior. Then the breed will reveal its best qualities – it will be a loyal guard-protector and just a loyal friend. Do not forget that in front of you is a powerful dog, a hundredweight of weight. Be careful during joint entertainment and games – control the process to avoid accidental injury.

Bullmastiff wrinkles are present mainly on the neck and muzzle. They give the dog a special charm – as it were, they somewhat smooth out the first impression of meeting an overly formidable and large dog. There are wrinkles – that means there is friendship!